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Movie Review: "The Wrong Missy"

There are many movies that are worth seeing, but there are a lot of stinkers as well. My goal here is to weed out the good from the bad.

The Wrong Missy

Netflix Release: 5/13/2020

Netflix Release: 5/13/2020


Tim Morris (David Spade) has a problem. Not long ago, he was setup on a blind date with a girl named Melissa (Lauren Lapkus), who goes by the name "Missy". She was absolutely crazy, and Tim wanted nothing more than to get out of the date and to never see her again. Not long after that, Tim was traveling and met a woman at the airport named Melissa (Molly Sims), who also goes by the name "Missy". This Missy could not have been more different than the other. She shared Tim's interests, and the two just hit it off right away.

Now Tim is on a work retreat to Hawaii, and he invited Missy to join him, as the work retreat was meant for the new boss to meet his employees and their significant others. Tim meant to invite the Missy he met at the airport, but he had texted the wrong Missy. Instead of inviting the Missy who had won Miss Maryland, shared all of his interests, and with whom he got along with really well, he invited the other Missy. He wants to tell this Missy the truth and get her to leave, but he fears what she would do if he told her. Now he is stuck with the psycho, who will almost certainly be a destructive force throughout this retreat, and could very well get him fired if she crosses paths with his new boss.

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The Pros & Cons

All movies start with an average score of 75pts, points are then added or subtracted based on each Pro and Con. Each Pro or Con is designated points, ranging from 0-10, to convey how significant these Pros or Cons are.

The ProsThe Cons

Lauren Lapkus & Missy (+8pts)

The Setup (-3pts)

The Comedy (+5pts)

The Switch (-2pts)

David Spade (+4pts)

Predictable (-4pts)


Pro: Lauren Lapkus & Missy (+8pts)

As far as I am concerned, Lauren Lapkus as Missy was the best thing about this movie. Had this movie come out in the 90s it probably would have been an ugly Missy and an attractive Missy, but times have certainly changed. With this movie, the filmmakers went with crazy Missy and sane Missy. It was an amusing idea, but required an actress who could be crazy enough to make Tim’s frustrations understandable (even to the most accepting viewers), while also being an entertaining sort of crazy for the viewers, and also not being so crazy that the whole thing felt forced. There was a fine line to balance here, and I thought Lauren Lapkus did a great job with it.

I was expecting an average comedy with this movie. I was expecting to chuckle here and there, and maybe even be moderately amused throughout, but Lauren Lapkus had me laughing-out-loud several times. Her character was believably crazy, I completely understood why Tim preferred the other Missy, but the crazy Missy was just very entertaining. I never knew what expect from her, and she contributed to some great comedic moments. Of course the comedic writing was there for her to work with, but the actress clearly took this role and ran with it in the best way. I had a good time watching this movie, and Lauren Lapkus was the primary reason why.


Con: The Setup (-3pts)

This was far from being a major issue, but I thought the setup was just a little too unbelievable. It was a silly comedy, and I expected to have to suspend my disbelief a little, but the setup was just a little too much of a perfect storm for me. Tim just so happened to meet two women named Melissa, who both went by the name “Missy”, something that is not common at all. Then there was the fact that he met both within such a short window, with one being a nightmare to be around, and the other being coincidentally perfect for him in every single, super uncommon and coincidental way.

Then there was the how well he and the airport Missy hit it off. Then there was the fact that all of this happened right as there was a new boss at Tim’s work, one who arranged a work-couples retreat to Hawaii, (something I have never heard of before). Finally, there was the extreme coincidence regarding Tim mixing up the phone numbers when trying to invite Missy. Any one or two of these would have been totally acceptable—and honestly funny—but all of these coincidences together felt like the writers were desperately trying to force this unrealistic premise, and they did not care if it made any sense. The movie moved on pretty quickly, and I quickly got over it, but I thought the entire setup was just a little too unbelievable, even for a comedy such as this one.

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Pro: The Comedy (+5pts)

The comedy in this movie came from more than just Lauren Lapkus as Missy. She was definitely the funniest part, but there were other funny moments as well. Nick Swardson's character was creepy and ridiculous in the best way, Rob Schneider was funny, Geoff Pierson as the boss had plenty of funny moments, Jackie Sandler was great, and there were plenty of others as well. Lauren Lapkus was the funniest part, but this was a decent comedy movie all around.


Con: The Switch (-2pts)

This was one of those movies where you will know the main character will have a change of heart. However, it was also one of those movies where the change of heart felt too drastic and unjustified. For two thirds of the movie, Tim felt one way about something, and his feelings were pretty strong. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, his feelings just flopped the other way. Rather than build toward this change of heart slowly and naturally, the filmmakers just sort of threw it in here and it ended up not feeling justified. Fortunately, my expectations regarding these moments in silly comedies such as this one are pretty low, so I did not think this hurt the movie much.


Pro: David Spade (+4pts)

David Spade was nothing special in this movie, but do not take that to mean that I thought he was bad. With David Spade, you usually get a normal-ish guy, who has wound up in a comical situation. He is usually funny because of the amusing situations his characters find themselves in, and he plays that sort of part well. His reactions are funny, his panicked state is funny (like the bat scene from Black Sheep, and the cage scene from this movie), and he is usually at least somewhat relatable in his roles.

My point is that you know what to expect when you see David Spade in a movie. You know he will be funny, you know his character is going to be a normal person who has been taken out of his comfort zone, and you know he can handle his characters more dramatic and relatable scenes when his movies call for them. He just does well in comedies such as this one. Was it anything special? No, but he was still one of this movie's strengths.


Con: Predictable (-4pts)

I think the biggest thing working against this movie was how predictable it was. Pretty much as soon as they got to Hawaii, which happened pretty early on, you will know how the rest of the movie will play out. You may not know the exact incidents that will cause certain things to happen, but as far as the overall plot was concerned, I knew where this movie was headed pretty early on. I do not want to say much more so that I do not spoil anything. I also do not expect much from the plots of comedy movies, but when stories are too predictable, it can take some of the fun out of it, and that was what happened here.

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Grade: B- (83pts)

I will be honest, I was not expecting much when picking this movie. I saw it was a new comedy on Netflix starring David Spade, so I knew it would at least be moderately entertaining. I also saw that it had a pretty ridiculous premise, but did not know if the filmmakers would have been able to sustain that premise for the entire movie. I saw the movie, and I am glad that I did. Was it an incredible comedy that had me laughing hysterically non-stop? No, but it definitely had some great comedic moments.

Most of the movie's better comedic moments came from Lauren Lapkus. I do not want to give anything away, but she was great in this role, and her performance as the crazy Missy was one that was a lot of fun to watch, and had me laughing pretty hard a number of times. On top of that, there was the ridiculous HR representative played by Nick Swardson, and an assortment of other talented comedic actors. Then there was David Spade, who did what David Spade does, and delivered a relatable comedic character that was fun to see getting into ridiculous situations. The plot was incredibly predictable, and the setup was a little too coincidental for me, but what do you really expect from the plot of a comedy like this one? Was it a masterful piece of cinema? No, but it was a decent comedy with at least a few laugh-out-loud moments, most of which came from Lauren Lapkus as Missy.

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