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Movie Review: The Shape of Water


The Shape of Water was a depiction of the boundless love between a mute woman and an oceanic creature.

Elisa Esposito was abandoned as an infant, she was seen beside the river with wounds on her neck that caused her the inability to speak. In 1962, she discovered a humanoid amphibian in her workplace. It was caught in captivity from the Jungles of Amazon and was imprisoned in a laboratory for further scientific studies and experimentations. Unfortunately, it was mistreated, abused, and tortured. The tribesmen believed this creature to be a god since it has the ability to heal wounds. She was curious and felt sympathy and discreetly visits and feeds it daily. They formed a closed bond through sign language and eventually had mutual romantic feelings.

The message of the story tells that love knows no boundaries. It could also be a metaphor for people falling in love regardless of their upbringing, gender, social status, the difference in culture, race, and ethnicity. It is unjudgemental and has no prejudices. That beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. No matter how unattractive and uncharming someone is, each and everyone is destined to be with someone. That every creature in the world has the right to love and be loved.

Elisa and the creature have a lot of similarities such as their inability to verbally communicate. Despite that, it shows that love can be expressed more than words could be uttered. Saying "I love you" these days is already a cliche, an overrated phrase. But their actions and gestures to each other were more meaningful and sincere.

The amphibious man was seen as an outcast, a freak of nature. While Elisa had a routine life, a cleaner at a secret laboratory, was someone who is looked down on by society, unattractive and mediocre. To some, she's a 'nobody'. It shows that people could easily get along and be drawn together if they could relate to each other. That we are more likely to resonate with someone who has similar circumstances as we have.

At the end of the story, Elisa tried to sever ties with the amphibious man. Suddenly, the adversary appeared and shot both of them. She fell from the ground and was fatally wounded. While the creature was unaffected as he could heal very quickly. It furiously slashed the villain's throat and was killed.

In the last scene of the film, the amphibious man who carried her jumped out of the river. As the creature healed her and brought her back to life. They were underneath the water kissing and hugging. Her gunshot wounds were gone and she had acquired gills. It was kinda vague whether the amphibious man gave her the ability to breathe underwater or she was an amphibious creature herself. It only tells that you are who you love. That no matter how much you are willing to walk away from someone if you are destined to be together, you are bound to be with each other.

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