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Movie Review: "The Mask of Zorro" (1998)

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"The Mask of Zorro" 4K UHD blu-ray cover.

"The Mask of Zorro" 4K UHD blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Director: Martin Campbell
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: May 5, 2020, for the 4K blu-ray, December 1, 2009, for the blu-ray, October 18, 2005, for the DVD
Availability: On blu-ray, DVD, and digital, streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime video FreeVee

Story Summary

Don Diego de la Vega performs one last heroic deed before retiring from being the masked swashbuckler, “Zorro”. He decides to retire from his role as a hero but his enemy, Rafael Monterro arrives to arrest him. Deigo’s wife, Esperanza is killed during their fight and Diego is sent to prison. He escapes and plots his revenge, taking Alejandro Murrieta as his apprentice and successor as Zorro.

This Movie Is an Exciting Adventure

I watched The Mask of Zorro a long time ago, but I haven’t watched it in a while so when I saw it streaming on Netflix, I decided to rewatch the movie. It was just as fun as I remembered it.

It’s an exciting movie with an interesting story that is a nice spin on a typical revenge story because it involves taking up a heroic legacy as a man that fights for the people of California while taking revenge against tyrannical people that have done evil things to the film’s protagonists.

I was hoping the movie was as entertaining and fun as I remember and it was.

Diego trains Alejandro in the art of sword fighting.

Diego trains Alejandro in the art of sword fighting.

The Mask Of Zorro - Trailer

The Visual Effects Are Still Great!

The visual effects for The Mask of Zorro are practical effects and the effects look amazing. The sword fights are fun and exciting and look great onscreen.

The effects are practical and it shows because it’s not really a setting that needs a lot of CGI in it. The horse stunts are amazing and they made for some exciting moments in the movie.

The effects hold up very well and the only thing that looks very old is the opening movie titles.

It’s a visual treat that has fun and exciting fight scenes, excellent cinematography, and great costumes for the characters and it’s a very vibrant adventure story and the visual effects make it a timeless classic adventure movie that is fun to watch.

The Actors Are Great!

Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro

Antonio Banderas did a fantastic job as Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro. He learned how to swordfight and dance for this film and he also gave a great performance as Alejandro Murrieta in both his roll before and after becoming Zorro.

I loved his performance and he played both the silly and the serious side very well, showing how his character matured over the course of the movie.

He gave a great performance and he clearly had a lot of fun in the roll and I enjoyed his acting in this film.

Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro

Anthony Hopkins did a great job as the original Zorro. This was the first movie that I saw him act in and I like him as an actor. He made the role serious and he gave a great performance and did well in the mentor role for Antonio Banderas’ Alejandro.

I enjoyed his acting and I think that people took the film seriously because he’s such a famous actor.

Elena Montero

Catherine Zeta-Jones is great in her role as Elena Montero. She gave her character a fun and engaging personality and I liked her character in this movie.

She did a great job acting and she was also excellent in the sword fighting and dancing scenes and you can tell she trained hard to do both and she looked great onscreen.

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Don Rafael Montero

Stuart Wilson is great as the story’s villain in his role as Don Rafael Montero. His character is a good villain to oppose Zorro and he’s a complicated character because he feels that what he’s doing is right even though he’s a bad person for what he does to Diego in the film.

He also did a great job in the sword fighting scenes in the film and he played a great role as a villain.

Captain Harrison Love

Matt Letscher is great as Captain Harrison Love. He brought energy to the role that made him fun to watch as a villain onscreen, he also did amazing in the sword fighting scenes and he could convince you that he was a crazy villain.

I liked his acting a lot in this movie and I think that he did a great job as the secondary villain in The Mask of Zorro.

The cast is great and made the movie fun and entertaining, I liked all the actors in their roles and they were a highlight of the movie.

The Mask of Zorro Soundtrack Suite

The Soundtrack Is Great!

James Horner composed the soundtrack for The Mask Of Zorro, and it’s a very beautiful soundtrack. It has an adventurous, swashbuckling feel to it, along with a Spanish/Mexican flair which made the movie a lot of fun.

I liked the soundtrack and it fit the tone of the movie.

Alejandro Murrieta during a duel against Captain Harrison Love.

Alejandro Murrieta during a duel against Captain Harrison Love.

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The Movie Does Rely on Plot Convenience

The Mask of Zorro does rely on a lot of plot convenience to get the story going, but it feels organic to the plot and it’s not too obvious but it does stand out sometimes in the film.

It’s a Fun, Exciting Adventure Movie That I Enjoyed

The Mask of Zorro is a fun and exciting adventure movie that I enjoyed rewatching and I had a fun time enjoying the movie. It has interesting characters, an exciting plot, and great acting that makes the movie a lot of fun to watch.

If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch, you should watch this one and maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was worth my time but I don’t feel I have to buy it for my own collection; it tends to be up on streaming services somewhere.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

The movie has a lot of plot convenience

Great acting

Great soundtrack

My Grade: A-

The Mask of Zorro is a fun adventure story that is an exciting swashbuckler movie. The story is fun, the characters are great and the special effects hold up really well. It is a modern classic that pays homage to the original Zorro stories while being an original story with heroes and villains and an interesting revenge story.

I loved The Mask of Zorro and I highly recommend the movie if you like any of the cast members or you enjoyed the original Zorro TV series or older movies.

I highly recommend buying the movie, I don’t have any physical room for the movie but I did enjoy watching it on Netflix when I saw it was up on the streaming service.

I highly recommend The Mask of Zorro and if you’re looking for a fun movie to watch you’ll enjoy it. It is worth buying if I can’t buy it myself right now, it is worth owning, but you should watch it at least once and if you love the swashbuckling genre this is a fun and entertaining movie that everyone can enjoy whether you’re a fan of Zorro or not, it’s also a great movie in general. It’s a fun adventure story that is worth your time and money.

The Mask of Zorro is an entertaining film that I enjoyed a lot, it is a comedic adventure story that everyone can enjoy and if you enjoy the adventure genre you’ll love this movie.

While it is currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Freevee it does tend to change streaming services often so I will update the review whenever it switches streaming services.

If you want to watch it for free see if your local library has it since it’s been out for a long time you might be able to borrow it for free.

My Rating

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