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Movie Review: The Final Girls

Some will live and some will die hits to close to home for Max (Taissa Farminga-L); Nancy (Malin Akerman) and Tina (Angela Trimbur-r)

Some will live and some will die hits to close to home for Max (Taissa Farminga-L); Nancy (Malin Akerman) and Tina (Angela Trimbur-r)

At the mere thought of horror movies most people will scrunch their face and tell you they can’t stand them.

It’s even funnier when you can bring down a very tall manly man when you ask them this simple question. They act like they have the cooties as they shake their head and come up with a variety of reasons why they hate horror.

But, I’m sure if they (along with other horror haters) sat down and watched this movie, they’d have to come up with an excuse as to why their eyes were red and swollen.

Yes, horror as a tearjerker.

From the genius minds of M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller along with director Todd Strauss-Schulson comes just that.

Amanda Cartwright (Malin Akerman) is an actress “of a certain age” and is only remembered for playing Nancy in the slash trash cult hit, Camp Bloodbath.

While waiting for Amanda, her daughter, Max (Taissa Farminga) watches the trailer for the movie and when she sees that Amanda didn’t get the job, she wonders how they’ll pay the electric bill.

Amanda takes the bills and tosses them out the window as they continue driving home until a car hits them and Amanda is killed in the crash.

Now living with her Aunt Pearl three years later, she gets a call from her friend Gertie (Alia Shawkat) and the two meet up with Chris (Alexander Ludwig) where he helps with her homework.

Dropping in is Gertie’s step brother, Duncan (Thomas Middleditch) who begs her to come to the movie theater where he works for the Camp Bloodbath double feature.

Max reluctantly goes to the theater and Chris surprises her.

While the movie is playing, a couple of guys are drinking moonshine and when one drops the bottle, it rolls down to the curtain. Meanwhile, an ash from a cigarette sets the theater on fire.

Duncan, Gertie, Chris and Vicki (Nina Dobrev) climb through the hole Max makes in the screen.

When they wake up, they‘re not sure if they’re dead and are happy to see a VW Bug Camper coming towards them.

Taken aback, Tina (Angela Trimbur) asks them directions as she and driver Kurt (Adam DeVine) drive off towards camp. Ninety two minutes later, they return and Tina again asks for directions.

Duncan sets his watch and ninety two minutes later, they come back again. He’s figured it out that they’re in the movie.

They tell Tina and Kurt that they’re counselors and hitch a ride to camp.

Once there the movie plays out and Max bonds with her movie mother, Nancy.

The movie has other plans and once they try to explain to the “characters” that they’re in a movie, they try to re-write the ending.

However, things go awry when original final girl Paula (Chloe Bridges) is killed and Gertie falls in love with counselor Blake (Tory N. Thompson).

This movie is beyond genius and bringing two worlds together is entertaining for both the 1986 cast and the current generation.

Everyone is exceptional in their assigned roles and the mother/daughter bond will definitely choke you up.

It’s a fun movie for everyone and be sure to check out the commentaries from the cast as well as the writers.

You’ll absolutely love this little gem of a “horror movie“ and like me, would have liked to have seen a sequel.

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