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Movie Review: "Spider-Man" (2002)

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"Spider-Man" official blu-ray cover.

"Spider-Man" official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Director: Sam Raimi
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Runtime: 121 minutes
Released: June 12, 2012
Availability: on 4K blu-ray, blu-ray, and DVD, streaming on Netflix

Story Summary

Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains superpowers. This is his origin story as a superhero. After the death of his Uncle Ben, he becomes a superhero to use his powers responsibly and battles his greatest foe, the Green Goblin.

This Is the "Mainstream" Version of the Origin Story

This version of the story is the one that everyone is familiar with after it came out. The other version is the one from Spider-Man: The Animated Series. It does cover all the basics of the Spider-Man origin story from various forms of media. Although it moved Peter Parker from college to high school at the beginning of the origin story.

Peter Parker discovers his powers.

Peter Parker discovers his powers.

Spider-Man Official Trailer (2002)

The Visual Effects Are Dated

The visual effects of this movie do feel dated, especially the CGI for some of the scenes. It’s not perfect and does look old but it still holds up for the other effects.

The costumes look good and the sets are cool. The fight scenes are great and still look good. The costumes look good and they’re very memorable.

I still feel the visuals hold up after all these years but the CGI looks dated and graphics have improved a lot since then, but overall, it does hold up.

The Acting Is Great

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Tobey McGuire did a great job as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He did a great job playing both sides of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, he might not be as charismatic as other actors that have portrayed the character, but he portrays Peter Parker and that aspect of the character.

He also does a great job portraying Spider-Man physically. He did a great job with his fights and stunts.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Willem Dafoe did a fantastic job in this movie, people associate him with serious movies and he took this film seriously and did a fantastic job in this movie. He played all the different aspects of the character very well.

His acting performance is memorable and excellent.

Mary Jane Watson

Kirsten Dunst gave a great performance as Mary Jane “MJ” Watson. I liked her performance in this movie. I liked her performance and she did a great job in this movie.

Uncle Ben Parker

Cliff Robertson did a great job as Ben Parker. His role had to be small but have a big impact on the entire movie and he did a fantastic job portraying the character.

Aunt May Parker

Rosemary Harris played Aunt May and she’s great as Aunt May. I loved her performance in this role and she’s the one I think of when I think of Aunt May.

Harry Osborn

James Franco did a great job as Harry Osborn. I liked his acting in this role and while he’s not in the movie too much he still gave a great performance in this movie.

J. Jonah Jameson

J.K. Simmons did a great job portraying J. Jonah Jameson. He did a great job in this role and I liked his acting in this role. He did a great job and he gave a memorable performance.

The acting is great and I love the acting in this movie.

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Spider-Man (2002) Main Title by Danny Elfman (Soundtrack)

The Music Is Great!

Danny Elfman did a great job composing the music for this movie. The soundtrack is very memorable and epic. The music is very emotional and memorable and gives the movie a lot of weight. He has composed music for other superhero movies too.

This soundtrack is fantastic and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a great soundtrack that you’ll enjoy if you watch superhero movies.

The famous upside-down kiss.

The famous upside-down kiss.

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The Movie Has Amazing Special Features

The special features on the DVD are great. There are many interviews with the cast and crew about making the movie. There are also many behind-the-scenes features about the making of the movie.

One of the nice things about the special features is all the interviews with the late Stan Lee where he talks about creating Spider-Man and all the important stories that he wrote for the character.

I loved the special features on the disc and it’s one of the reasons I’m disappointed that they stopped filming behind-the-scenes footage on many of the popular movies after a certain point because they think that special features didn’t help the DVDs sell.

The DVD and blu-ray have amazing special features that they don’t do anymore so enjoy all the behind-the-scenes footage.

The Movie Has Its Cheesy Moments

Spider-Man has its share of silly and cheesy moments. It’s part of what makes this movie what it is. Now whether you dislike the movie because of the cheesy moments depends on if you like the movie.

Because the newer Spider-Man movies have a more serious tone to them, this one comes off as being cheesy and silly sometimes. I like it a lot but I understand why some newer Spider-Man fans would find it cheesy.

This Movie Is a Ton of Fun!

Spider-Man is a fun and entertaining superhero movie. The story is enjoyable, I like the characters and it is an entertaining blockbuster movie.

I love this movie. It’s still just as fun as I remember it being. I haven’t watched it in years and I still enjoyed it after a very long time of not seeing the movie. It’s still exciting and an enjoyable superhero movie.

I enjoyed the story, the characters, the cinematography, and the music. It’s a great film and a great film if you’re looking to get into the Spider-Man franchise and character.

It’s a fun and entertaining superhero movie that everyone can enjoy.

I bought the movie a long time ago and I am very happy that I own it. It’s extremely affordable now so it’s worth owning a physical copy of it. You can buy the entire Spider-Man trilogy at an affordable price.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

Some of the CGI looks old

The visual effects still look good

The movie has cheesy moments

Great acting

Great soundtrack

My Rating: A+

Spider-Man is a fantastic movie. It’s a great movie as your first “superhero” movie and it’s just a great movie in general. It teaches good lessons, I enjoyed rewatching the movie again after a long time of having the movie on my shelf.

I love this movie, and while it’s not my favorite superhero movie, I still enjoy it a lot.

This movie is worth your time and money and I’m very happy that I own this movie in my DVD collection.

I highly recommend buying the movie, but it’s a popular movie so you can see if your local library has it on their shelves and borrow it. You can also rent it digitally on many digital stores that let you rent movies.

This is a movie trilogy that is a lot of fun, even if it didn’t end on the best note, I still enjoy all the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and I enjoyed watching the first Spider-Man movie again. It was just as fun as I remember it being and I still enjoyed it.

It’s a great movie that is still a lot of fun and a great superhero movie. It is worth your time and money. I can recommend blind buying it, but since there are a lot of ways to watch the movie I think you should watch it before you decide if you want to buy it for your physical collection.

The behind-the-scenes footage on the special features discs are fantastic and you’ll enjoy that if you like seeing how movies are made, especially since they don’t make special features for blu-rays with a lot of behind-the-scenes footage anymore.

I highly recommend superhero fans watch Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie, it’s a lot of fun and it still holds up 20 years later. It’s a timeless classic superhero film that paved the way for superhero movies to become the big smash hits they are today.

My Rating

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