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Movie Review: Samaritan (2022)

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"Samaritan" official movie poster.

"Samaritan" official movie poster.

Quick Info

Director: Julius Avery
Distributor: Amazon Prime
Runtime: 101 minutes
Released: August 26th, 2022
Availability: Streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime

Story Summary

In Granite City, there are twins that are battling each other, one is the hero Samaritan, and the other is his twin brother, Nemesis. After Samaritan is killed, the city becomes worse. Years later, Sam Cleary, a fan of Samaritan, sees an old man display feats of superhuman strength that makes him suspect the man is actually Samaritan but is he really the legendary superhero?

A New IP With a Generic Story

Samaritan is a brand-new IP, all the characters and settings are new and while this story is loosely based on another story, it’s not a well-known property like a Marvel or DC Comics superhero property.

The story is very generic when it comes to the superhero genre. I’ve watched many superhero films and read many superhero comics and I recognize many superhero tropes used in the genre.

It was a very generic superhero story with obvious tropes that longtime fans of superhero stories will recognize and you can predict how the story ends.

"Joe Smith" in action.

"Joe Smith" in action.

Samaritan - Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Visual Effects Are Decent

The visual effects for the movie look good, while the 3D effects for the superhero aspect look decent, they’re not the most amazing visual effects to look at but they look decent.

The fights are decent as well, they aren’t the most amazing fights to look at but they’re still decent. It doesn’t have any “flashy” superpowers so the fights don’t really stand out too much, since

The visual effects are decent but nothing mind-blowing that will wow the audience. I’ve seen better visual effects in better superhero movies but it doesn’t look like an amateur made the visual effects for this movie.

The movie has a $100 million budget but the effects don’t feel like they used the budget for the actors instead of the visual effects budget. The visual effects look decent but not amazing.

Overall, the movie looks good, but it won’t blow you away and this isn’t a movie you’ll be watching for the visual effects. Despite this movie having a decent budget, it feels like they skimped on the visual effects portion of the budget.

The Acting Is Okay

Joe Smith

Sylvester Stallone played Joe Smith and he did a great job in this role. I like him as an actor and while he isn’t my favorite, I’ve always enjoyed the movies I’ve seen him in. He’s a great actor but he’s playing a generic superhero character in a generic superhero movie.

He’s a good actor but he’s been in better movies. He’s a great actor but this isn’t the best movie he’s been in.

Sam Cleary

Javon 'Wanna' Walton is a relatively new actor, he’s been in some roles and while he’s okay as an actor, he didn’t give the most amazing acting performance ever, but he still did fine in his role as Sam.

Teenage actors aren’t always outstanding but he does have a lot of potential as he continues acting. His acting was decent in the movie and I did enjoy him in this role.

Tiffany Cleary

Dascha Polanco did a fantastic job playing Sam’s mom, Tiffany Cleary. She did a great job portraying a struggling single mother and she was a very empathetic character. She is fantastic in this movie.


Pilou Asbæk is great as Cyrus, the villain of the story. Unfortunately, he’s a very generic villain. He still is a great actor in this role and he was an entertaining villain.

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Overall, the acting is decent but nothing that stands out overall, besides a few performances. You might watch the movie for a few actors, but it’s not the most amazing movie when it comes to the acting in the film. The acting was decent with some performances that were better than others.

Samaritan Vs Nemesis

The Soundtrack Is Decent

Jed Kurzel and Kevin Kiner composed the music for this movie. The music is decent but not very memorable. It’s a shame that the music is forgettable but that’s on the two of them as composers.

Other superhero films have a musical motif that I associate with a character, but this film doesn’t have music that stands out for a character motif for Samaritan as a superhero character.

The soundtrack is just there as background noise and doesn’t add anything unique to the movie.

Joe Smith tries to fix a broken watch.

Joe Smith tries to fix a broken watch.

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The Plot Is Painfully Generic and Predictable

The plot of Samaritan has many generic superhero tropes, the hero coming out of retirement, the jaded hero that doesn’t want to help initially but is encouraged by the character that believes in them being a hero.

Even a plot twist about one of the characters is something I figured out from the trailer. The movie is full of many superhero cliches and if you’ve seen plenty of superhero movies you’ll notice the cliches in the movie.

The plot is very generic and there’s nothing truly unique that makes the movie stand out.

It's a Middling Movie That Could Be Better

Samaritan is a movie that had so much potential but it was dragged down by the painfully generic and predictable plot. If you’ve watched many superhero films this is just a paint-by-numbers superhero movie with a plot twist that ended up being very cliche.

It had so much potential to be great and a memorable film but the execution was very lackluster and it ended up being a film that doesn’t really stand out.

It’s a neat idea but the story didn’t really stand out as an amazing superhero story.

It has nice production values but it’s not an outstanding film, it’s not a bad movie, but it’s not amazing either.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Decent story, plot, characters, and world-building

Acting quality varies between the cast

Decent acting

Medicare soundtrack

Decent visual effects

Too many superhero cliches and tropes

The plot is predictable

My Grade: C

Samaritan is a film that had a lot of potential, but the execution was lackluster and despite having some great actors, this is a film that doesn’t stand out among the numerous superhero films that have been released in the last several years.

I don’t recommend buying this film, but if you do have an Amazon Prime video account, you should watch it if you’re curious about it, or if you enjoy the actors in the film, you’ll probably enjoy it, but I’m not the biggest fan of this movie.

If you want to watch the movie you should borrow it from your local library once it’s released on blu-ray. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s a film that had the potential to be much better than it was.

It’s a middling film that doesn’t stand up to other films in the superhero genre. I’m happy I didn’t have to pay for it since my brother has an Amazon Prime video account and we decided to watch it while figuring out what we wanted to watch for a movie night.

It was a film that I did like, but I didn’t love it. It was worth my time to see it but I won’t be rewatching it any time soon. If there is a sequel movie I hope it will improve on the ideas this film had.

Samaritan is a movie that had an interesting premise but it couldn’t deliver an amazing execution that makes it stand out among other superhero films.

You don’t have to buy Samaritan but if you have an Amazon Prime account, you should watch it at least once, you might enjoy the movie since it’s a rather obscure story, but I just wish the movie was better than how it turned out because it’s trying so hard to tell a good story but it relied on too many cliche superhero tropes and plots that we have seen done before in much better movies.

It’s worth your time but not your money unless you have access to Amazon Prime.

My Rating

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