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Movie Review: Safe Inside (2017)

Is something lurking around the corner, or in his mind? JJ Tyler (Chris Harder) takes on the night by exploring the house on his own

Is something lurking around the corner, or in his mind? JJ Tyler (Chris Harder) takes on the night by exploring the house on his own

You know how you feel in the summer when you're running a fever (or hung over) and it's really humid and the temperature feels like the windows to Hell are open? And it's a Saturday so you don't feel like doing anything?

It's the summer ick factor and writer/director Jason Paul Collum really gives it to you.

JJ and Alex Tyler (Chris Harder and Darcey Vanderhoef) have moved into JJ's late mother's house Crystal Lake (Judith O'Dea) after succumbing to a long illness. Bedridden Crystal tries to convince JJ that there's something after her and after she commits suicide, he starts to wonder if she was correct in something being after her.

After a night on the town, Alex asks their friend Betsy (Brinke Stevens) if she'd give JJ a call since she has to go out of town for a few days. She tells her that she's been concerned about his behavior and if she didn't have to go out of town, she'd be there to help him with his crisis. Betsy agrees to check up on him.

Once Alex leaves, JJ sets about trying to keep himself busy by doing mundane chores around the house and amid his growing paranoia keeps looking over his shoulder. He's beginning to feel that he too is being watched in some way.

When he's outside doing some work, his neighbor, Georgianne (Karen Dilloo) accuses him of watching her from his window one night. He confesses that he was asleep, or was he?

Alex calls him from the airport as she's changing planes to check up on him and she also calls Betsy. Betsy in turn calls JJ and says that she'll come over to keep him company since he's been drinking (and you know how you get when you've been drinking alone when it's hot).

As JJ's paranoia begins to get worse, Betsy suggests that he go to bed and she promises that she won't leave him alone for the night.

With what she hopes is JJ tucked away for the night, Betsy calls her bartender sister, Amy (Tina Ona Paukstelis) and convinces her to come over to the Tyler house after she gets off work. She tells her that JJ has really begun to lose it and she'd feel safe if someone else was with her.

Then things go awry making it a horrific evening.

While this is a good movie, there are many plot holes which will cause you to go back and get the "A-ha!" moment, and then there are some little things which don't make sense (i.e. Alex is going to Los Angeles from Racine, WI, but changes planes somewhere down south and she leaves during the day but in changing planes, it's night and I don't know how many more hours she has to fly until she gets to Los Angeles).

While most of the cast has appeared in the excellent October Moon, I thought that Stevens and Paukstelis were miscast as sisters. I didn't know that they were sisters until I had re-watched the movie.

But, the movie is very haunting and does play with your psyche.

As I said earlier, if you know the feeling of humidity and constantly sweating on a very hot day/night, you're mind will automatically go to those days when you're constantly feeling moist.

Also, you know that feeling you may get sometimes after a nightmare or having your mind play tricks on you? This is the other feeling that you're going to get.

Collum does an excellent job with that paranoia feeling, and, the Tyler house is in itself a character with something always lurking about.

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While there are some minor problems, it's all worth it in the end and the ending will make up for whatever you were thinking. And another viewing.


Michael115 on July 29, 2019:

Ok good. Ill check your review out!

Eric Tuchelske (author) from Detroit on July 29, 2019:

I just added a three-fer of mini reviews and there's a double twist in Mrs. Claus, but, unfortunately, you don't see it coming.

Michael115 on July 28, 2019:

It's possible to pick up on clues upon re-watching. That's what's so good about twist endings. You can analyze the film from another perspective.

Eric Tuchelske (author) from Detroit on July 28, 2019:

That’s kind of why you have to go back a few times to re-watch it and even then you don’t see it coming.

Michael115 on July 28, 2019:

Everyone loves a good twist.

Eric Tuchelske (author) from Detroit on July 27, 2019:

There’s definitely a twist at the end.

Michael115 on July 27, 2019:

Good review! Might check it out some time.

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