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Movie Review : Reminiscence (2021)

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Throw "Minority Report", "Inception" with a pinch of "Blade Runner" in the blender and the movie that comes out is "Reminiscence". How it tastes? Still a bit bland unfortunately.

Known ingredients

The most unique thing about the film is the barely spellable title. It plays continuously on loan, which is of course not unusual and certainly not the biggest problem of this film. What is unfortunate is that it manages to use none of the 'borrowed' ingredients to make the film an original or very strong one.

Nice concept, hidden under a futuristic romance

The funny thing is that the concept of the film is actually quite nice, in which people's thoughts can be relived and viewed, in order to gain more insight into certain events while the film is set in a dystopian world. . With all the possibilities this offers, the film chooses to go for a love story. And nothing wrong with a good romantic film of course, but all other elements that are in the story are elements that would fit more in a science-ficton/action film. So clashing styles, in which the film never seems to know exactly what it wants to be.

Modern noir

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While watching the film, I got the strong impression that it was inspired by film noir from the 1940s. With the story, the romance, the raw voice over, the dialogues. And most importantly: the femme fatale. Again a very nice idea, but the execution also leaves too much to be desired in this respect.

First of all, Rebecca Furguson is of course a great actress, only as a femme fatale just a little less credible. And that while the film stands or falls to a large extent with her character, since in the end the whole story revolves around her.

In addition, the raw and cold dialogues greatly diminish the credibility of the story. It is poorly written and takes you out of the movie unnecessarily. Hugh Jackman does his best to get the whole thing across as well as possible, but when even good actors don't know what to do with the dialogues, you know the problem isn't with them.

Ultimately too messy

If you watch the film for what it is, a futuristic romantic film, the film is still reasonable to watch. However, there are no good surprises and the clashing visual style and genre elements from action and science-fiction films make the film feel too cluttered to really make an impression.

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