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Movie Review: Nightclub Secrets (2018)



The Nightclub Secrets (2018) was a movie about two sisters who got caught up in a nightclub with a big secret. The movie starred Kate Mansi and Rachel Hendrix as siblings who got caught up in the nightclub.

The movie started with the older sibling putting things on fire and then setting off to the unknown. The sister then pretended that she was dead and naturally, the younger sibling tried to find the cause of her death which lead to the nightclub that her sister worked. In there she discovered the leads and the issues that the nightclub is getting into.

I originally rated the movie 3.2, but I always round down because Hubpages only allowed flat rates, so I am stuck with a flat 3 stars.

I kinda feel like the movie is a cliche and there are dead scenes where I can do something else instead of watching. The movie was hard to watch since some scenes are just dead. The plot was not well thought off, but the characters made a pretty good job in acting so I guess the movie was just not balanced.

Overall, I think the movie itself is just a waste of time and you can live your life not watching this as the secret of the nightclub is originally happening in some countries that it is widely known and it happens everywhere that it is not even a secret anymore. So, I think that the movie was not that great and it will be more lively if the secret that was made was new and that they did not much put a big deal on it or even just made a documentary about it.

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Jerome on July 30, 2019:

I hate this movie

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