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Movie Review: Midnight

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.



Midnight is a South Korean suspense thriller starring Jin Ki-joo, Wi Ha-joon and Kim Hye-yoon. The film was released on June 30, 2021 in theatres and has been available on iQIYI since September 18, 2021. It follows the life of a deaf girl who stumbles upon a girl who has been abducted and hurt by a psycho killer. In wanting to help the girl, she also finds herself as the killer’s next target.


I enjoyed this film! I was on the edge of my seat as the deaf girl incessantly ran for her life. The run and chase scenes maybe given, but the plot totally separates this movie from other films as the psycho turned situations around and was even too bold to chase a deaf girl in public, knowing that she won’t be able to get help because people will just think she’s crazy. On the other hand, the psycho underestimated her will to live and make sure her mother who’s also deaf would be safe. Despite the fact that she can hardly talk and no one believes what she says, she was able to find a way to outwit the psycho in the end. Overall, I’m giving this movie 5 out of 5 stars. It is fast-paced, entertaining and suspenseful, has awesome acting performances, fascinating dialogues (most especially, the sign language conversations), and the ending was very satisfying and heartfelt.

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