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Movie Review-Jaws: The Revenge

My name is Nathan and I am a very big film buff who loves the art of cinema


"Jaws: The Revenge," follows Ellen Brody who is now a widow following the death of her husband Police Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) the protagonist of the first and second films from a heart attack with her son Sean (Mitchell Anderson) now serving as a police deputy. While clearing away debris, Sean is attacked and killed by a shark with the sounds of Christmas carolers drowning out his cries for help. As a result of the death of her son, Ellen is now terrified of sharks and is convinced that the shark that killed Sean has a vendetta against the entire Brody family because her husband killed sharks. She decides to go to the Bahamas to meet up with her older son Michael (Lance Guest), a marine biologist. She begs Michael to stay away from the water out of fear that the shark that killed Sean is out to get him but he dismisses her concerns saying sharks haven't been seen nearby. During Ellen's stay in the Bahamas, she falls in love with a pilot named Hoagie (Michael Caine) while the shark that killed her son has managed to follow them all the way from Amity Island to the Bahamas.

The fourth entry of the "Jaws," franchise fails to live up to the formula that made the first film a true classic. This film is a gigantic mess that leaves more questions than answers with its ridiculous premise. The most ridiculous part of the film is that a shark would somehow hold a grudge against an entire family because one of the them killed a shark and swam thousands of miles from New England to the Bahamas while knowing the exact location of the Brody family. Other ridiculous moments in the film includes Ellen having flashbacks to events that she wasn't present at and somehow having some kind of psychic connection with the shark where she feels its presence whenever it is nearby. What made the first film work is that we saw less of the shark which provided suspense and thrills and now that the audience sees more of the shark you can tell how fake it looks.

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