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Movie Review: Fun with Dick and Jane

My name is Nathan and I am a very big film buff who loves the art of cinema


"Fun with Dick and Jane," follows Dick (Jim Carrey) an executive for a large corporation and his wife Jane (Tea Leoni) a travel agent. Dick has just gotten a promotion as Vice President of Communications at his job just as the company's stock tank while he is in the middle of a TV interview. As a result, top executives within Dick's company face jail time and many employees including himself lose their jobs while his boss Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin) manages to escape unharmed from the ordeal. Unable to find work as a Vice President of another company, Dick and his wife Jane who quit her job as a travel agent have to take on minimum wage jobs but are unsuccessful. With their house facing foreclosure, Dick and Jane take desperate measures in order to make ends meet.

The film contains outstanding performances by Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin but fail to bring in very many laughs. The script which took its unique premise from the original 1977 film of two ordinary people becoming thieves to help themselves out of their situation completely wasted the talent of screenwriter Judd Apatow without trying something fresh and new. We could have been provided with more laughs if they didn't stick so much to slapstick humor and spent more time fleshing out Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni's characters.

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