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Movie Review: Freaky

After being attacked by The Butcher, Josh (Misha Osherovich) Ryler (Melissa Collazo) and Nyla (Celeste O'Connor- far right) are amazed at Millie's (Kathryn Newton) transformation.

After being attacked by The Butcher, Josh (Misha Osherovich) Ryler (Melissa Collazo) and Nyla (Celeste O'Connor- far right) are amazed at Millie's (Kathryn Newton) transformation.

Comedy horror films are few and far between and most of the time, they're not very good, but if you're looking for something fun, witty and campy, this is the movie for you.

As the town of Blissfield is getting ready for Homecoming (it's like Christmas for the town) Ginny (Kelly Lamor Wilson) her boyfriend Evan (Mitchell Hoog) and friend Sandra (Emily Holder) listen to the legend of the Blissfield Butcher as told by Issac (Nicholas Stargel). He tells them that people were murdered in 1977, but Ginny corrects him since she doesn't buy into the legend.

She tries to set him straight about the supposed legend and tells him that every year it changes, and the "murders" didn't happen around prom like the legend suggests. It happened at Homecoming, which the dance is just two days away on Friday the 13th.

After Isaac accidently causes Sandra to spill her drink on herself, she goes into Ginny's mansion, and he follows.

As she's cleaning herself off, he marvels at the artifacts that Ginny's dad has collected and comes across the La Dola Dagger and takes it out. He explores the massive house and ends up in the basement, where he grabs a bottle of expensive bottle of Montrachet wine, but after being startled drops it.

Since he blames it on Sandra, he tells her to come over and help him clean it up but is murdered.

Well, you know, since the movie starts out with underage drinking and sex, death is bound to happen for those partaking in such activities.

The next morning, mousy Millie (Kathryn Newton) wakes up and isn't looking forward to going to school, but she has her friends Nyla (Celeste O'Connor) and Josh (Misha Osherovich) to get her through another day of being bullied by the student body. At least she has the football game to look forward to that night where she's the school mascot.

Following the game, she waits for her mother (Katie Finneran) to pick her up and with a dying cellphone her cop sister Charlene (Dana Drori) calls to tell her that their mother is passed out once more. Now with her cellphone dead, she looks across the parking lot and sees The Butcher (Vince Vaughn) staring at her and the chase begins.

In her beaver costume, she's chased back onto the football field and when he stabs her, he too is injured in the same spot since he's using the La Dola Dagger, which of course is cursed and thankfully Charlene comes to the rescue.

While having a troubled sleep, Millie has disturbing images and when she wakes up the next morning, she's not quite herself. She's now The Butcher (well, his body is in hers) and while trying to figure out what's going on, she does perk up a little when she hears her mother cutting up a pineapple.

Across town as The Butcher wakes up, he discovers that Millie's body is in his and freaks out.

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Josh and Nyla are surprised when Millie shows up for school (The Butcher is looking to slaughter) and she's dressed differently and looks quite hot, according to the football team. Her friends just think she's being weird because of the attack and agree to let her have a "weird day."

Mean girl Ryler (Melissa Collazo) takes to social media and posts a selfie and tells her that she's there to talk, but of course Millie has murder on her mind.

With the town looking for The Butcher, he's trying to blend in with the residents and is spotted so he takes off to the school, where he tries to convince Nyla and Josh that it's Millie. The Butcher tells them what's happened and now they have to find Millie so that they can get their friend back, but Millie's on a murder spree somewhere in the school.

After a car chase, Nyla and Josh hide The Butcher in a dressing room at the Discount Bonanza, where Mrs. Kessler works. She nearly walks into the dressing room and the two have a heart-to-heart talk about loss and she invites him for coffee.

Charlene grabs her and after they leave, Josh and Nyla come back with an Aaron Rodgers mask that The Butcher has a hard time wearing. Josh takes to social media for any leads on Millie and is successful in where she's at.

With another potential slaughter underway, the three head to the location where football player Brett (Ezra Jeb Sexton) makes a pass at her and she tells him that she can't wait to kill him.

While they're successful in kidnapping Millie, they also have to get Booker Strode (Uriah Shelton) because he'll call the cops. The Butcher is successful in knocking him out, while the imprisoned Millie can't believe how strong she is.

After he regains consciousness, Millie and The Butcher try to convince him as to what's going on and who to believe.

They come up with a plan to get the dagger out of the evidence locker at the police station as time quickly begins to run out for both trapped bodies.

With so much going on in this movie, you'll probably have to watch it a second time in order to pick up the subtle references to past horror classics. This really isn't a parody of horror films, like the Scary Movie films, but none the less, it's a tribute to those classics.

The characters are so good and of course the best performances are from Newton and Vaughn as they have to play opposite sexes and ages. Newton in particular has his stare and lumbering walk down to a tee.

It also touches on a slew of social issues and while there's no nudity, for those who are sensitive to language and sexual situations then this movie isn't for you and has a very different ending.

Of course, there are the usual horror movie tropes and yes, there are jump scares because well, this is horror film after all.

This is an instant camp classic with everyone playing it straight by doing a little overacting and being as serious as they can possibly be, and I guarantee you laughs a plenty!

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