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Movie Review : Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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If you ever tried to feign sickness with a motive of skipping the school, you will find this 1986 comedy drama Ferris Bueller's Day off quite relatable. A convivial teenage comedy which takes us to an exhilarating 103 minute ride.

Plot : Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) ,the school stud, wakes up one morning and decides to skip the school day by feigning a stomach bug. His parents buy it and he, alongside his best mate Cameron (Alan Ruck) and his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) from high school, hit the road to have a jolified day. During all of this, he has to be one step ahead of the school principal Ed Rooney who has been fooled by Ferris steadily and is looking to get one up on him and his sister, Jeanie, who thinks he is being overly pampered by her parents .

The star of the movie was undoubtedly Matthew Borderick as Ferris who just exudes confidence. His only issue with life was that his parents gifted him a computer when he wanted a car but still manages to drive a rare Ferrari on the streets of Chicago. The audience's hearts however, are won by Cameron, who goes from being maudlin to sanguine as the day ends. Ed Rooney, the principal, never fails to provide some rib-tickling moments everytime he is on the screen.

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Director John Hughes follows up his classic coming of age teen movie The Breakfast Club by giving us the coolest teenage character portrayed on screen, Ferris Bueller in this flick. It's a remarkable feat that he wrote the screenplay in less than a week and took just two months to get the entire shooting over and done with. The gags are handled with perfect comic timing and the soundtrack has quietly become a recognisable tune in pop culture.

A movie like this works as a stress buster and can be watched when you want to skip a day of hard work, just like Bueller.

My score for the movie will be : 85/100

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