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Movie Review: Christmas Coupon

Nicholas Hodge (Tim Kaiser-L) and Agent Kumar (Napolean) share a laugh and a drink at a fundraiser to help the local soup kitchen

Nicholas Hodge (Tim Kaiser-L) and Agent Kumar (Napolean) share a laugh and a drink at a fundraiser to help the local soup kitchen

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to add another romantic Christmas feel good movie into the already overcrowded race.

Courtney Mathews and Aaron Noble star as Alison Grant and Ivan Hall, high school sweethearts who pledge their love on prom night. Shortly thereafter, the two breakup when Ivan is drafted into the NHL through the fictional Flames hockey team.

Ten years later, Ivan returns home to Hope Springs after an injury so that he can recuperate and get his mind set straight. Alison, meanwhile has just been fired from her job as an ice skating instructor at the local rink and Ivan sees her on the street as she's on her way to see her high powered executive boyfriend Bobby (Robert Laenen).

Unbeknownst to Alison, Bobby has been putting together a proposal to buy up most of the town, which includes her family's restaurant now run by her sister Lauren (Sheena Monnin) and her husband Thomas (Justin Mane).

Lauren has a suggestion about where Alison can hold classes (outside on the pond at the Nixon farm) and as a promotion, she should use coupons, like the ones her kids give to her on Christmas.

Alison loves the idea and sets about holding classes.

Ivan's niece Chloe (Tenley) gets a hold of a coupon and begs him to take her to the lesson. When he finds out that Alison is the instructor, he agrees and sits on the sideline heckling her.

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The reunion isn't warm and fuzzy and near the end of the lesson, Bobby comes to the pond and later discovers that the two dated in high school. Jealousy ensues and Alison has had enough of Bobby's immaturity, so she breaks up with him.

Not being a viable member of the community, Bobby comes to the fundraiser for the soup kitchen which is supported largely in part by the restaurant. He proposes to Alison and has her think about the proposal for a few days before she gives him an answer.

Since this is a formulaic movie, I think you can guess the remainder of the movie.

Christmas Coupon is not a horrible movie, but there were times that I felt it didn't know where to go. Sure it falls into the problems of any formulaic story and doesn't really know how to escape from the pitfalls.

Some of the scenes were too long and seemed to linger a few seconds after the dialogue ended and there were times when the characters appeared to be unsure of themselves.

Filmed in and around the Detroit area, it's hard to tell if Hope Springs is supposed to be a small town outside of the metro area or what state it's supposed to take place in. One scene has Alison and Ivan skating in downtown Detroit and then there's stock footage of other major cities and of a large Christmas parade.

Although everyone seems to have been cast well, the problem is all of the actors (as well as their characters) were all cookie cutter images of current holiday romances. It's not just this movie, but all of the women seem to have an orange tint to them (the makeup in these movies is too heavy) and the men all have the two day beard growth and the skinny pants syndrome.

It would have been nice to have had the mold broken for once.

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