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Movie Review: Catwoman

My name is Nathan and I am a very big film buff who loves the art of cinema


"Catwoman," based on the comic book character that serves as an antagonist and ally of Batman shares very little in common with the comic book character except sharing the same name. Patience Philllips (Halle Berry) is an artist and graphics designer who works for a cosmetics company that is about to release a new skin cream that is able to reverse the effects of aging. While in a laboratory, Patience overhears a conversation between a company scientist (Peter Wingfield) and the wife of the head of the company Laurel Hedare (Sharon Stone) about the dangerous side effects of continuous use of the reverse aging skin cream. Patience is later discovered by Laurel's guards and is ordered to be disposed of. Escaping through a pipe, Patience ends up drowning only to be revived by an Egyptian cat God that grants her cat like abilities. With her newfound abilities, Patience becomes the superhero Catwoman and seeks out revenge on those who wronged her.

Halle Berry is an excellent actor but as Catwoman this role doesn't really give her a lot to work with the abysmal script and horrible dialogue. The worse part about this film is that the film doesn't even respect the source material which the film is based on and barely acknowledges its connection with Batman. The motivation of the villian's actions is just absolutely hilarious because she was rejected by her husband all for the crime of reaching the age of 40.

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