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Movie Review: Captain America - Civil War (Spoiler Free)

Spoiler Free

If you haven't seen the film yet, you should. I won't be the reason why parts of it have been spoiled, but even hearing about potential or not potential future installments of Marvel films that you might find on your Facebook news feed will spoil the fates of certain characters. That being said, after reading this (of course), you should either give up the internet and all sources of media until you go see the film. Or just go see it now, seriously.

And also stop posting so many trailers, Marvel. When I know certain scenes have yet to be shown in the film (particuarly some of your more memorable scenes from the trailers), I know they're coming, and that ruins the flow. The movie was still great, but could have potentially been even better.

Initial Impressions

Some people are calling this the best superhero movie to date. I'm not sure if I agree with them, but there's no doubt in my mind that it's in the running. I was thrilled for the whole day before going to see it and the film caught me and delivered on (almost) every note. There are a lot of different elements and characters presented, a plot that takes quite some time to develop to be believed, and that awe-inspiring airport scene. While it does lay itself out for future films, it doesn't do this nearly as clumsily as Age of Ultron.

It other words, it's fantastically good.

Here's Team Stark, minus one Spider-Man

Here's Team Stark, minus one Spider-Man

The Plot

Following the events of Age of Ultron, the Avengers are recognized world-wide. However, a number of catastrophic events have given them a bad name, and after another poorly ending mission, the world at large creates the Sokovia Accords, a way of restricting the Avengers' activities and governing them. As you might guess by the trailers, this causes a split among the Avengers themselves, creating a 'Civil War' if you will.

In the center of the conflict (and causing it to come to a head), is the Winter Soldier. Following the same titled Captain America film, Bucky is still at large and Steve Rogers is willing to ignore authority to handle the matter of his childhood friend personally.

Beyond that, there's a bit more that one can't really say without spoiling bits.

The Choreography/Action Scenes

You have yet to see superhero action like this. Sure, the Avengers have a bit between Thor and Iron Man as well as Thor and Hulk, a thirty second scene in Avengers 2 when they fight about Vision's creation, and that's it. Really, we got the most super-powered team vs super-powered team in X-Men and for the most part, those were pretty good.

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This film is mind blowingly good in this aspect. Sure, you've seen a majority of the characters, but seeing Captain America kick a jeep hard enough to send another guy on the other side fly off screen is a sheer delight, seeing Scarlet Witch and Falcon work together, and then Black Panther shows up. Heaven forbid, everything about this character was fantastic. In his initial scene, where covert operative Bucky is fighting said costumed fellow, Black Panther barely makes any sound, he doesn't move like any other character we've seen. In fact, I want to see Black Panther take on various other adversaries in the future more even than a new Spider-Man film created by Marvel.

Now, don't get me wrong. Spider-Man was pretty fantastic too, as was literally everyone in the airport battle scene. While on a stats sheet, there are some pretty clear heroic tiers (say Hawkeye can't really take on the cinematic Vision) and while Marvel addresses them, everyone gets a moment to shine in the fight. It's so good, and very, very few characters get a disservice in my opinion.

Team Cap (including one silly looking Ant Man)

Team Cap (including one silly looking Ant Man)

Rated PG 13

There is an increased volume of profanities in this film, especially in regards to a lot of the more popular superhero flicks (barring Deadpool, of course). It's not overly distracting (I mean, the film centers on a situation that increasingly becomes out of control forcing friends to fight one another) but if you've ever been on the fence about the language before, this may dissuade you. There are no 'F' bomb caliber of words.

There's considerable violence, as you might guess with a film with the word 'War' in it. Honestly, it's kinda comparable to the new Batman v Superman film in its harshness, but there are numerous funny beats that help alleviate the bleakness infrequently encountered in this film.

Closing Thoughts

Just go see it already. I'm not sure what a reason would be to not see it, unless you're already not a Marvel movie fan. I'm more interested in writing a discussion piece about the film than I am wanting to urge you. This review probably won't sway anyone's opinion.

Captain America vs Iron Man

Captain America vs Iron Man


  • Loosely based on comics of the same title
  • Trailers may incidentally spoil a lot (they have had over 30 different tv spots now, and that's just a little much)
  • One of the best superhero films yet, especially regarding the large number of characters being utilized (wish I could have seen more of War Machine's hammer/baton or the Vision actually doing something but that's all)
  • Uses darker themes but offsets with humor (I still wouldn't let young kids see it though)
  • Best superhero choreography by far


Caleb on May 09, 2016:

The actors played extremely well in this movie. I loved the continued pure spirit of the Cap. and how we can just tell that Iron man has been going through certain emotions that were the previous 3 movies of Iron Man. I am overly excited about Black Panther and what future movies will come from that and other extras. I also agree that there is no reason for anyone not to watch this movie, at no point was I bored or found myself rolling my eyes, I even held out from going to the restroom because I was so engrossed in what i was watching. Its fun for the entire family and completely worth the 2 hour watch.

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