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Movie Review - A Shoe Addict's Christmas

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A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - Movie Review


A Shoe Addict’s Christmas Movie Review

Actress Candace Cameron Bure plays the role of character Noelle Carpenter in the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. The movie, A Shoe Addict's Christmas opens with a scene of Noelle preparing to go to work. She considers putting on a necklace with a cross pendant then puts it back in its place and considers another piece of jewelry instead, puts it on and goes to work.

In A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, the character Noelle works in retail, for a large department store. Her first passion is photography and she had spent some time as a professional photographer. In A Shoe Addict's Christmas, the character Noelle has been heartbroken for three years over her ex-boyfriend who is also a professional photographer.

  • Early on in the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Noelle learns that her ex-boyfriend has become engaged to be married to someone else.
  • She is saddened but determined to keep up her routines in work and life.

In A Shoe Addict's Christmas,Noelle is approached by her supervisor and asked to take on the responsibility of organizing a gala that will be a fundraising opportunity for a local fire department. She seems glad to take on this responsibility and put her best effort into her work.

A Shoe Addict's Christmas - Movie DVD

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Noelle and Jake are characters in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

Noelle and Jake are characters in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

1. Noelle becomes "a special case" in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

In the plot of the movie, A Shoe Addict's Christmas, the character Noelle’s mother has passed away. Noelle visits her father once a week and calls him once a week. He expects his interactions with Noelle on Tuesdays and Sundays specifically.

In A Shoe Addict's Christmas, it turns out that the cross necklace was handed down to Noelle from her mother. Noelle’s father comments that he never sees her wearing it and Noelle decides to say that it “does not go with [her] shoes”.

  • Noelle actually seems to be struggling with her faith and hesitant about wearing the cross, this recognized symbol in Christianity.
  • In A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, the character Noelle becomes identified as a “special case” to be visited by a guardian angel that is trying to earn her wings. The guardian angel is played by the actress Jean Smart. Noelle’s guardian angel is quirky and funny and determined to help Noelle.

A guardian angel for Noelle in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

Candace Cameron Bure and Jean Smart play Noelle and her guardian angel in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

Candace Cameron Bure and Jean Smart play Noelle and her guardian angel in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

2. Noelle and her father in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie

In the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, the relationship between Noelle and her father seems strained, awkward and uncomfortable like there is not much for them to talk about and at one point in the movie, he does mention that Noelle’s mother was the “talker” in the family. As the events of A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie progress, father and daughter do grow closer and they acknowledge that they “just have each other”.

An Aunt June who has no other family is also mentioned. Noelle’s father goes to visit Aunt June who has a broken leg and he has plans to return just before Christmas so that he and Noelle can spend Christmas together.

Upon Noelle’s father’s return from visiting Aunt June, he tells Noelle that the break (in Aunt June’s leg) was not so bad and later on, Aunt June will actually travel to spend Christmas with Noelle and her father as well. Noelle’s father informs her of this when he meets with her at the gala that she invited him to attend.

By the end of the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Noelle is wearing a beautiful red dress and her cross pendant necklace to attend the gala that she organized.

Actress Candace Cameron Bure stars in the movie, A Shoe Addict's Christmas

3. A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - 2G

Now, besides for the dynamic that occurs between Noelle and her Dad, there are also prevalent interactions shown in her relationships with:

  • her best friend who is a co-worker that often buys her shoes as presents
  • and a new neighbor that Noelle is getting to know in her apartment building as well.

All of these characters are the supporting stars in the movie.

There is of course a little romance in this Christmas time movie as well.

Noelle has an awkward first interaction with her new neighbor and makes lots of funny faces to show her annoyance as she trips over his items when he is moving in and blocking the hallway of the apartment building with an obstacle course of sorts. Noelle’s new neighbor seems like an easy going guy that is happy to meet her. When she says that her name is Noelle, he says, “Oh, like the First [Noel]?” Noelle is not impressed by any of the man’s attempts at a joke. When she says that she lives in apartment 2G, he says, ok, he’ll just call her “2G”. She also finds that not funny. The guy seems endearing but she is not impressed by him during this first meeting at all.

4. A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - Locked in at the department store

Later on in A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, Noelle has to stay at work in the department store late to look for a file that her supervisor asked her to look for.

While Noelle is in the basement of the huge store, looking for that file, that same supervisor sends all of the workers in the store home early because of a heavy snowstorm that starts.

Noelle gives up her search for the file, saying to herself that it will have to wait for tomorrow.

  1. As she goes back upstairs, she discovers that she is alone in the store and locked in!
  2. She immediately calls her supervisor and he apologizes, letting her know that either he will come to unlock the door or he will get someone to do it, even if he has to call the fire department in this weather.
  3. She feels bad that he might have to go as far as calling the fire department to come and get her and reassures him that the department store is not the worst place to get locked into.
  4. Noelle’s supervisor invites her to make herself “at home” in the department store until help arrives and she certainly does, trying on clothes and eating from boxes of chocolate, for example.
  5. She also uses a camera to take some photos, a nod to her love of photography.

5. A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - The guardian angel

While binging on chocolate in a comical way, Noelle suddenly hears a noise and grabs a frying pan for protection! This is the time in the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, when Jean Smart’s character, the guardian angel is introduced. Noelle is alarmed when she sees her and asks her how she got into the store. Noelle did not think anybody else had been in the store then.

6. A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - Firefighters to the rescue

In A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, Noelle and her guardian angel spend a brief time talking and soon enough, firefighters are breaking into the store to help to get Noelle out.

A female firefighter reassures Noelle that Noelle’s supervisor has given her the code to stop the alarm from going off.

Noelle can no longer see the guardian angel that appeared to her and asks the firefighter to look for her. Now, the firefighter thinks that Noelle might be a little confused but goes ahead to look for a possible other lady in the store.

Meanwhile, another firefighter on the scene turns out to be the man that is Noelle’s new neighbor! This awkward coincidence causes them to start talking a little more.

7. In A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, Noelle and Jake are assigned to organize a gala

Later on, in another scene of the movie, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, Noelle also discovers that her new neighbor is the firefighter that has been assigned to work with her to organize the gala that is a fundraising effort for the fire department.

At this point in A Shoe Addict's Christmas, Noelle still seems to be acting like her new neighbor is a nuisance that she can’t get rid of but her coy ‘better than’ attitude slowly but surely diminishes as she lets her guard down and gets to know her handsome neighbor better while they are both assigned to work on the important gala project.

On one occasion, they go to visit a possible venue for the gala and look at the types of décor that are possibilities to choose from. Jake, the firefighter wants to choose things such as fake snow falling from the ceiling and Noelle tries to let him know that her supervisor and the proprietors of the department store would not go for that and they would want something more classic.

8. A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie - A bumpy ride

  1. In A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie, when Noelle and Jake are heading home to the same apartment building, it is snowing again and there are no taxis available.
  2. Noelle’s guardian angel just happens to pull up just then on a horse drawn carriage to ask if they need a ride!
  3. They take it but she ends up being a pretty bad carriage driver.
  4. Noelle and Jake get off of the bumpy complimentary carriage ride and walk the rest of the way.
  5. During the ride, Noelle and Jake did have some conversation and she learned that his father, the fire captain had passed away.
  6. That is when she opened up to express that she also lost a parent recently.
  7. They both offer each other condolences.

9. The movie, A Shoe Addict's Christmas tells a heartwarming story

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas the movie is a cute, heartwarming and wholesome movie that the whole family can watch. There are many plot twists and flashbacks in A Shoe Addict's Christmas. Sometimes the main character Noelle moves back in time, sometimes she moves forward in time to re-examine what was, what might have been and what can be in her life in the foreseeable future. The way the shoes fit into the whole scenario is by Noelle’s guardian angel enticing her to try on pair after pair.

In A Shoe Addict's Christmas, as the character Noelle tries on each pair of shoes, she is taken to a different scene to see how it might play out. A little loopy and dizzying, yes, but stick with A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie until the end and you will see a truly heartwarming story unfold.

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TRIVIA : A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie was filmed in :

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  1. Where did filming for A Shoe Addict's Christmas the movie occur?
    • Denver, Colorado
    • Juneau, Alaska
    • Manitoba, Canada

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Dianna Mendez on April 08, 2019:

I viewed this movie on Youtube and found it delightful. I loved the shoe theme and the guardian angel role.

Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on April 05, 2019:

Hi Oluwafemi,

Yes, It does seem like Noelle was often around people who just didn't notice or pretended not to notice that she was often essentially talking to herself.

To them, if they took the time to notice, it would definitely look like she was talking to herself out loud since only she could see her guardian angel there and no one else could.

As you mentioned, Noelle would just go ahead and talk to her guardian angel anyway and that did create some interesting moments in A Shoe Addict's Christmas! Thanks for your comment.

Oluwafemi Okeowo from Nigeria on January 14, 2019:

Noelle has extended public conversations with Mystery Lady throughout the film. If someone really cared for her, a professional would have checked her out.

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