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Movie Discussion: Captain America Civil War (Heavy Spoilers)

Spoiler Warning

You can check out my spoiler review here.

In case you're reading this and haven't seen the film, go back and don't watch any more television or film previews, stay off the internet, all until you go see this film. That being said, the trailers I've seen showed me that War Machine was taken out by Vision, Iron Man fights Steve and Bucky after the airport fight (at least, after they left), and Giant Man. Really, Marvel? Cool it with the tv spots. I want some mystery to my film.

The teams of Civil War

The teams of Civil War

The Avengers Dis-Assembled

Without referring to the comic of the same name, it's pretty clear that the Avengers lost most of its roster by the end of this film. We've got Iron Man and Vision in sound body condition (mentally, not as much) and War Machine, while crippled, will very well be okay (although Don Cheadle is looking to be quite old at this point). Spider-Man serves to be more or less of an auxiliary member (with elaboration to come in Spider-Man: Homecoming, I'm sure) but that's all we know for sure. While never an Avenger, Black Panther still likely doesn't generally care about the group and handles his own problems on his own turf. So, where do we see them next?

We know Iron Man will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming (here's hoping Steve's words to him during the airport fight will give him a more critical eye of Tony). Since it's Spidey's first standalone film in the MCU, I doubt we'll see anymore superheroes. Ant-Man will have his own film with Wasp despite the Sokovia Accords (more on that in a bit). Black Panther has a good chance of showing/referring to Bucky on ice, as well as some of the other rebel Avengers (but hopefully we'll focus more on T'Challa, his people, and whatever antagonist they got which is likely Andy Serkis from Age of Ultron).

I have hope to see some more of the heroes without standalone films though. While before I was skeptical, Elizabeth Olsen proved to me that Scarlet Witch could be entertaining. The film definitely showed her to be the real MVP (because Vision doesn't really do much to be honest) while giving her a new storyline and reasons. I originally imagined she'd be against Tony for 1) his tech killing her parents, and 2) his homicidal robot Ultron killing her brother. Frankly, I think I prefer them dropping those reasons and giving her a real start to her own character. This film causes me to think she's going to be one of the heavy-hitters in Infinity War.

That being said, I am saddened by the fact she's not slated to appear anywhere else in the MCU until the two parter films. While her powers aren't technically 'magic,' I would kill even for a slight scene towards the end of Dr. Strange to see her working with him, possibly attuning her magic. Just saying.

As for Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, and Hawkeye? I'm fine with them being left unwatched for a while. Black Widow has played every part she can play, and Hawkeye's absence was barely noted. Both characters had comparatively little pull in the fight. And while I really like Anthony Mackie's Falcon, he's super dependant on Captain America's motives and Civil War tied them up nicely until Infinity War.

Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman

The Sokovia Accords

Civil War did a very good job in creating the main conflict small and personal. It's no Avengers film, so while a lot of the story takes place in various locations around the world, there were no aliens invading, no cities being lifted out of the ground, or anything of that nature. Instead, the biggest fight is handled at an abandoned airport.

What we didn't get to see a lot of was how the Sokovia Accords really affects the rest of the world. Agents of Shield seems to imply that it wasn't just aimed for the Avengers, but for the superpowered community at large. For example, we have Dr. Strange coming up soon. While he is an immensely powerful character in the comics, it's rather doubtful the Accords will affect him much. His conflicts are interdimensional, not worldwide. Unless we get guests characters from the rebel Avengers, it can probably go without being referenced even.

Antman and Wasp will be drastically different, I'm sure. Scott Lang has already escaped from prison where he was incarcerated for going against the Accords. One of the best moments in the original Ant-Man film was the fight against Falcon; seeing the heroes go up against another character from the legal Avengers would be rehashing old material, sure, but it could be handled very well.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will probably mention it in some way. After all, Iron Man is kind of the loyal face of the Accords and he's guest starring. It will remain to be seen if the Accords will affect friendly neighborhood-centered heroes (and if it does, what does that mean for our Hell's Kitchen and Harlem heroes on Netflix?). The focus of a new Spider-Man film is so up in the air it's difficult to judge where it's going to be taken.

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Black Panther will be interesting in the least. Assuming they focus on the character and his background (rather than the Avengers currently hiding out near his home), it'll be interesting to see foreign powers pushing on the King of Wakanda for his 'superheroing.'

Finally, there's Captain Marvel which we know next to nothing about. Still, since Carol Danvers' history is closely tied to the US Air Force and generally siding with the American government, I see it more than likely that her story would be pro-Accords, but since her time is so close to Infinity Wars, it may not even matter.

It's most likely that the Accords will be forgotten in time for the Infinity Wars to start, but it seems kinda worthless if such a big international policy was created only to be largely ignored hereafter.

Zemo played by Daniel Brühl.

Zemo played by Daniel Brühl.

'Baron' Zemo

Zemo's plot in this film is unique. He's got some military training and background, but he simply worked behind the scenes. He's an opportunist and used the geopolitical catalyst of the Sokovia Accords, and quite a bit of luck, to trigger a fight among the Avengers. While there were no completely killed in his machinations, a grand majority of said Avengers have had to go to ground. He fully believes he succeeded.

His ambition and drive are unique among Marvel villains, and while I wouldn't name him very high on my list of MCU Villains, his potential is kinda crazy regarding to his comic character. He leads an incarnation of the Thunderbolts, a 'super-hero' team created by villains. With the Sokovia Accords, it would have made so much since for a Thunderbolts team in the MCU. With a more intimidating presence, Zemo could be the leader with other captured and not killed villains. Abomination from The Incredible Hulk (the Edward Norton one), Baltroc the Leaper (the athletic pirate from the beginning of the Winter Soldier), and well...that's it. You can add in Ulysses Claw from Age of Ultron (who is sure to be in Black Panther) as well as Inhumans, but there's absolutely no news or apparently corporate interest in it. It would've been fun though. I mean, DC has Suicide Squad after all.

The comic versions of Scarlet Witch and the Vision

The comic versions of Scarlet Witch and the Vision

The Relationship between the Scarlet Witch and the Vision

Wanda and the Vision have the strongest relationship in the comics. Despite being an android built from a genocidal robot, Vision has romantic feelings for the Scarlet Witch, a maybe mutant girl with daddy and brother issues who may accidentally rewrite reality or decimate more than 90% of the world's total mutant population. Her powers are a bit nuts.

But their relationship is normal, right? Not quite. Somehow, they have children, which turn out to be hoaxes. Then they have real kids, only to end up being manifestations of Marvel's version of the devil. Vision may or may not also have his personality off of an actual person that may come across Wanda from time to time. Gotta love comics!

It's hard to say how 'deranged' they plan on making Vision and the Scarlet Witch's relationship in the MCU. For starters, have they even confirmed them being romantic? Sure, they're close but I'm not entirely certain that it's nothing more than a strong kinship of being reclusive from the rest of their teams, as well as a mutual fear of the unknown regarding their powers.

Also, even more importantly, how old is the Scarlet Witch supposed to be? During the last pleasant conversation/argument Steve and Tony has (right after Bucky is arrested), someone says that she wants to have a chance to finish high school, or maybe it's just to get her high school education. Also, Cap has argued that 'She's just a girl,' but we're really given no good idea. I simply find it interesting that that'd be written into the script as much as it is.

Your Opinions and Thoughts

That's about all I got. The film was pretty concise on a lot of points, and not very telling in others. Therefore, I find it hard to actually come up with any hard theories on how the rest of the MCU will progress at this stage.

What about you? Have any thoughts or feelings about the film? Let me know in the comments below.

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