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5 Reasons: Why Godzilla Couldn't Beat Mechagodzilla?

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Writing is my passion and continuing from 2013 to date on various platforms. I completed my M.Sc. in 1996 in Applied Physics & Electronics.

Reason#1: Godzilla was exhausted after the fight happened in Hong Kong

Godzilla had to travel a long distance to reach Hong Kong. After arrival, the king of the monster challenged and was compelled to fight against Kong. After the long and tedious battle, the consumed power of Godzilla declined significantly. The king of the monster spent more of his energy to defeat Kong. The Godzilla was defeated in the first round, and that made him tremendously crazy to defeat Kong but wasn’t at all an easy task to defeat Kong in the second round. Because Kong had a powerful battle axe that can absorb the powerful atomic breath of Godzilla and can also be used against Godzilla!!! And that happened eventually. While fighting with Kong, one of Gman’s legs was badly affected by the battle axe. A piece of very bad luck for the King of the monsters caused a significant decline in the fighting potentiality. We can also say that the fight between the Gman and Kong was a battle to DEATH!!!!


Reason#2: Using too much atomic breath like never before and losing power

Godzilla used his atomic breath like never before!!! (And we all saw that). Godzilla entered Hong Kong with his FULL/ULTIMATE power. I mean, he was so aggressive, so fired up, so energetic and his atomic breath was so powerful!!! That he (Godzilla) was able to dig a hole with his atomic breath down to the holo earth or to Kong (Godzilla started losing his ULTIMATE power from there). In the first round, Godzilla was unfortunately defeated by Kong. That made Gman more aggressive. He started to fire atomic breath all over the place to hit Kong. But being a super agile Titan meaning Kong, it was a tough task for Godzilla to aim, fire, and hit Kong at the same time. So Godzilla had no other choice but to fire all over the place to hit Kong. And that massive Atomic breath fire destroyed many expensive buildings of Hong Kong. Another reason why Godzilla tremendously and lost his power is, while fighting with Kong, Kong somehow managed to absorb the atomic breath into his battle axe and hit Godzilla right on his head. And we can say that the hit severely injured Godzilla. Godzilla has been using his atomic breath for a long time. The ceaseless use of the huge amount of atomic power by Godzilla and the injuries as well lowered his power to half or more than that. And without any kind of rest throughout the whole night, Godzilla was compelled to fight against the fully charged Mechanized giant/Mecha-Godzilla. Godzilla quickly started to lose power as the mechanized giant started to assemble its power more and more. And then the fan-favorite scene came where our GMAN and mecha Godzilla`s laser beam and the atomic breath experienced hitting head to head. But sorry to say, the expected thing didn`t happen. Mecha-Godzilla was able to overpower Godzilla`s atomic breath. The reason behind that is, the ceaseless use of Atomic breath by Godzilla and significantly declined physical power after the deadly fight happened with Kong. Godzilla was like a car with low batteries and Mecha Godzilla was a car with full batteries. This entire phenomenon explored the opportunity for Mecha to overpower Godzilla easily.

Reason#3: Mecha-Godzilla can utilize the infinite power source

The Mecha-Godzilla realized using the infinite source of power. Initially, the power that Mechagodzilla had not that much but at last, the nuclear power boosted up very close to 100% or more than 100% that made Mechagodzilla almost unbeatable. The power consumed by Mechagodzilla became unlimited as a result and raised Mechagodzilla to an unthinkable level of power source. Although Godzilla had a chance to overpower and destroy the Mechanized giant. But, after being fully charged by having the unlimited power source, Mecha- Godzilla became capable enough to dominate Godzilla due to having low energy of Godzilla.

Reason#4: The collected data helped Mechagodzilla to read all the suspected movements of the king of monsters

The algorithm of Mechagodzilla was programmed to learn about Godzilla’s moves, proper counterattack, and dodges ever since the Godzilla King of the monsters (2019). The theory of Mecha Godzilla to defeat Godzilla was in the hands of the Community APEX (they are the bad guys). The APEX wanted humans to be the dominant species on planet EARTH. To do that, Godzilla must be defeated (because Godzilla is the alpha Titan of Earth). So the APEX came with a theory to build a mechanized giant to defeat Godzilla. The APEX started to research Godzilla’s weakness, his abilities, his way of attacking, etc. APEX collected these data and incorporated them within the intelligence of Mecha Godzilla!!! After receiving this information about Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla knew how he has to fight affectively against Godzilla in head-to-head combat. After getting all this information about Godzilla and having unlimited power, it became easy for the powerful mecha to overpower and ultimately defeating Godzilla.

Reason#5: Ghidorah’s consciousness taking over the mechanized giant

In the events of Godzilla KOTM, Godzilla managed to cut one of Ghidorah`s head in a battle. Later, the APEX community used the consciousness of Ghidorah`s remaining head and applied it to Mecha-Godzilla. The fact is, humans can’t control a mechanized Titan properly other than a Titan itself (because human doesn’t have any experience of controlling Titans like this). Ghidorah was given a new body with unlimited power and with various weapons including the powerful RED LASER BEAM. Ghidorah has the highest ability to control itself rather than before. Ghidorah took over the Robot’s mechanism with his consciousness to increase the effectiveness. The combined power of Ghidorah and Mecha played a very vital role to overpower exhausted Godzilla easily. If Ghidorah didn’t have the infinite power source then it would be difficult for Mecha- Godzilla (Ghidorah’s Puppet) to defeat Godzilla.

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Finally, by combining all the five factors, the king of the monster experienced something that he had never before. Happy reading!!!

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