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Mother - a Movie About "the Harsh Reality" of Human Civilization

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Mother (2017)


Recently I watched a movie called "Mother" a masterpiece directed by Darren Aronofsky. The movie consists of metaphorical characters and moral message which is relevant to the present day situation of our Mother earth. The movie starres Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and cinematography by Mathew Libatique.

Characters In The Movie

The movie consists of the main characters named as "Him" - The male protagonist, "Her" - The female protagonist, "Man" as guests and others.

The Central Plot

The movie starts with "her" waking up from sleep in the morning and starts searching for "him" who is a poet by profession. While renovating and decorating "her's" loving home, she can often listen to "a pumping heart" sound from wall. The next day "man" comes to their house as guest followed by man's wife and children and they accidentally break a precious crystal object in the house which was forbidden to touch. "Her" and "him" becomes very angry and the guests were thrown out of their house. Then one day "her" becomes pregnant and this motivates "him" to write a beautiful new poem which gets published and gains a huge success. To celebrate "him's" success his fans arrives at the door and create a chaos, breaks into the house.

"Her" also known as mother is now in labour and gives birth away from the chaos in a hidden place of the house. "Him" wishes to take their newborn son to show it to his fans but mother resisted. Inspite of that "him" takes his son to the fans and the little child gets killed in the chaos."Her"(the mother) becomes very angry as she was unable to protect her son. She sets the house on fire by exploding the oil tank and everyone dies except "him" . Before "her's" death, "him" takes out the heart from her and transforms it into a crystal and "her"(mother) is revived again. She wakes up from bed in the morning searching for "him."

Inner meaning

The metaphorical explanation of the characters explains that "her" is actually our mother earth who gives shelter, love, nourishment and decorates her home beautifully so that "Man" - We the human beings can live in "her's" home (earth). But "Man" and his "Wife" (Adam and Eve) comes to their home as guests(Paradise Garden) and destroys the precious crystal (Tree of knowledge). Then there children and all other people represents the "civilized human beings" who brings chaos, destroy trees and pollutes the home of Mother nature. Now we know that "him" is none other than "God" himself who is the writer (poet) of "Bible" and creator of human beings. God writes Bible when "virgin mother Mary" gave birth to "Jesus Christ" and again "Christ" who was loved by mother earth was brutally killed by "civilized human beings".

The Message Conveyed

Thus in the movie, the director made us understand that god loved what he created "his fans" (the human beings).God can see the chaos and destruction of mother earth by human beings but he cannot do anything about it. He simply let "man" destroy mother earth."Him" takes "her's" heart out and keeps it in crystal which signifies that human civilization is destroyed ,earth is damaged, but then earth is healed and the cycle is revived again with new life in it. (mother waking up in morning searching for "him" - end scene)

Mother's residence plays a vital role in the plot; it had an extension of her personality. In the entire movie the colour changed in the background according to moods of characters and intense of the story. As the story progressed, light of cinematography started emphasising the frightening atmosphere that surrounded Mother.

Aronofsky came up with a new notion and finished the screenplay for Mother in five days, which was significantly faster than his usual pace. The film employs a dream like plot, but each symbol in the dream like sequence has significant logic and meaning.

Though the movie is very complex but it gives a moral message and awareness for human beings to keep the balance, respect and love for mother earth, otherwise she will destroy the human life form and will give shelter to some other life form in her home. The direction and cinematography made the movie more realistic and beautiful despite of the "harsh reality" of human Civilization depicted in the movie.

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