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Most Melodious Songs of Bollywood

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V Kumar has been writing on Bollywood movies and music for several years, highlighting perspectives that are often missed out or ignored.

The Most Melodius Songs of Bollywood

Songs that can make you feel in heaven

Songs that can make you feel in heaven

Bollywood Musical Melody

Bollywood songs are a fusion of poetry, emotions, acting, choreography and music. Some songs of Bollywood are great because of the lyrics, others because of acting, dancing or choreography, but there are some Bollywood songs that are great because of the sheer melody of their music, which seeps through your ears into your mind and finally into your soul.

These are the numbers that give you a soothing, heavenly feel every time you hear them. They give you a feel that makes you feel good, bringing your mind and soul in harmony with this universe ... into a world where music overrides everything else.

These masterpices are not bound by language, nor affected by the videographic aspects. They have a universal appeal that transcends time and space.....they are pieces of music that will never get outdated !

movie: KASHMIR KI KALI (1964)

Enchanting music of O P Nayyar with golden voice of Rafi

Enchanting music of O P Nayyar with golden voice of Rafi

Deewana hua badal......

One of the greatest compositions by O P Nayyar, the music composer who was always ahead of his time. He was one of the first to use Western instruments and tunes, and his compositions brought a great variety to Bollywood music. This song, however derives its strength from Indian classical and has a rare freshness about it, partly due to the genius of Mohammad Rafi, who is virtually acting with his voice as the singer and is equally supported by Asha Bhonsle. The lyrics are by S H Bihari, The on screen vibrance of Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore add further vitality to this melody. It is a song of youth, a song of love ... a song that tries to clebrate everything that we can cheer !

movie: PREM PARBAT (1973)

Scintillating echoes of melody by Jaidev

Scintillating echoes of melody by Jaidev

Yeh dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye ......

This song is one of the most melodious sung by Lata Mangeshkar, whose voice is considered a music in itself. Her echoing voice in the background of natural beauty takes you to a different universe, where all that exists is music. This number is a great example of how voice intonations of human voice can lead to scintillating melody. It stands at the border where vocla music meets with its instrumental counterparts and fuses with it to become one ! The great music was composed by Jaidev, while its lyrics were written by Jan Nisar Akhtar. One of most melodious songs of Bollywood.

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movie: PAKEEZAH (1972)

Meena Kumari in Pakeezah : This song is made of music of nature and purity

Meena Kumari in Pakeezah : This song is made of music of nature and purity

Mausam hai ashiqana .....

Like almost everything about this movie, the title of which literally means ‘pure’, the music of this song is also as pure as one can get. Set in the background of nature at its best, the notes of this number echo through not only the skies and the valleys seen on screen, but also through your heart, body and soul. It is so close and reflective to the original sounds of nature that it takes you to the middle of nature itself, combining it with the positive emotions of humanity. The sweet voice of Lata Mangeshkar and the music composed by Ghulam Mohammad, who died before this movie could be released, are the architects of its greatness. Lyrics are written by Kamal Amrohi.

A song of nature... nature's music ... and purity .... a song that defines the meaning of melody...

movie: SEHRA (1963)

Sandhya and Mumtaz in a song that lets you fly with the birds and sing among the clouds

Sandhya and Mumtaz in a song that lets you fly with the birds and sing among the clouds

Pankh hote to ud jaati re ....

The opening lines of this number literally means, " If I had wings, I would have been flying around ....". Well, what the number makes your realise is that there is another, better way to do that, and that is music. This song actually takes you to the heights, amongst the birds in the sky, among the clouds and just as free as them.... This scintillating piece of natural melody is composed by Ramlal, based on Raag BHUPALI of Hindustani classical, while the perefect rendering of its classical tunes should be credited to Lata Mangeshkar, who has sung it with perfection. The lyrics are written by Hasrat Jaipuri, and the on-screen innovative dance is performed by Sandhya and Mumtaz.

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movie: SHARMEELI (1971)

One of the best songs Bollywood has ever produced

One of the best songs Bollywood has ever produced

Khilte hain gul yahaan ....

This song is not just music, it is magic created spontaneously by the genius of many greats of Bollywood. It is one of the best songs ever heard in Bollywood, and can take to a heavenly plane where little else exists except music and love. Its music was composed by the legendary S D Burman and voiced by Kishore Kumar, who was at his best during this period. The lyrics are written by another great, Neeraj, a poetic giant in his own right.

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Listen to it, and you will not need to die to experience heaven....

movie: ANAND MAHAL (1977)

Yesudas: The most melodious voice of Bollywood

Yesudas: The most melodious voice of Bollywood

Nisa ga ma pa ni sa re ga...

If there is one singer whom you can describe as having a musical voice, it is K J Yesudas. One of the greatest all time singers of India, who has also sung for Bollywood. All his numbers are sheer treat and this number tops them all, because of the vibrating melody that can take you away from anything and everything that might be occupying you. It may not be one of the pure ragas of Hindustani Classical music, but it is definitely as good as any one of them, particularly so because of the greatnes of its composition and the genius of its singer. Thus melodious music is the creation of Salil Chaudhary, another master composer and its lyrics were written by Yogesh.

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movie: DIL SE (1998)

A R Rahman: The modern melody of Bollywood

A R Rahman: The modern melody of Bollywood

Dil se re .....

If you want to know what made A R Rahman the first music composer from Bollywood to win both the Grammy and the Oscar, listen to this number. His music combines the best of Indian Classical and the Western beats in an original manner, without compromising on the melody. This number is an apt depiction of how he fuses contrasts - in this case it is terrorism and love. The singers are A R Rahman, Anupama and Anuradha Sreeram, while the lyrics are written by Gulzar. Shahrukh Khan and Manisha Koirala add on-screen fire to the song. This number owes its unique melody from the blossoming of love in the background of violence - the melody survives in spite of all overwhelming beats..

movie: VEER ZAARA (2004)

A great song composed across two centuries

A great song composed across two centuries

Tere liye.....

This is one of the best songs ever heard in Bollwood movies. This movie was made in the twenti-first century, but its music was composed by Madan Mohan many decades ago. The refinement of that underlying tune with modern technology and facets tells us what the genius music composers of yesteryears could have done with modern facilities of composition and editing. The fine-tuning has been done by Sanjeev Kohli. The number is soung by great Lata Mangeshkar and Roop Kumar Rathore.

A mesmerizing song that can touch the heart of every listener.

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movie: HUM TUM (2004)

One of the most melodius songs of recent times

One of the most melodius songs of recent times

Hum tum .... hum tum...

This number must be a contender for the most melodious Bollywood composition of twenty first century. It brings to fore all the talent of Jatin-Lalit, who have composed the music for this number. Voices are by Alka Yagnik, one of the best female singers during the last decade and a half in Bollywood and Babul Supriyo, whose singing talent just gets its true expression in this number. The lyrics are written by Prasoon Joshi and the on-screen charm is credited to the magnificent Rani Mukherjee and evergreen Saif Ali Khan. It is a song that takes love to the next plane.... and that too twenty first century.

movie: VIRASAT (1997)

A great sensual melody by Kumar Sanu & Chitra

A great sensual melody by Kumar Sanu & Chitra

Paylay chunmun chunmum

This song is a very sensual audiovisual rendition, made great by coming together of Anu Malik's melodious composition with sweet voices of Chitra and Kumar Sanu. The melody of two young loving hearts, singing the music of love with all the plays and naughtiness is a treat to hear and watch. The lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar, and the on screen presence of Anit Kapoor and Tabu adds all the charm that any pair could have. The background of Indian rural life adds a lot of colour to it.

A great modern Bollywood melody...

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