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Most Famous Music Artists With Three Names

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Olivia Newton John Had Had Many More Hits Than Names


Veteran country artist William Lee Golden celebrated a birthday last week, leading to several of the local radio stations to play songs by the Oak Ridge Boys. Later that night his name could very well have appeared on Jeopardy, which included the category called Celebrities with Three Names.

All of the answers referred to those stars in the word of acting, so naturally William Golden was not among them. Had the category been adapted to music artists exclusively, here are twenty possible three-named stars could be potential answers.

I have excluded all of those folks with Van as the middle name, such as Ronny Van Zant, Steven Van Zandt and the brothers in Van Halen. The front man of that band, although David Lee Roth certainly fits the category, had to be left out with his band mates Alex and Eddie.

1. Billie Joe Armstrong

Greenday's front man is the main reason the British alt rockers have so many successful albums like Dookie and American Idiot.

2. Stevie Ray Vaughn

Already highly influential as a blues guitarist, his legend has been immortalized since the 2008 helicopter crash that claimed his life.

3. John David Souther

In addition to co-writing some of the hits for the Eagles, Souther as a solo artist with "You're Only Lonely."

4. John Wesley Harding

Wes Tace, which is his original name, has since the Nineties been creating clever folk-rock worthy of his Dylan-referenced pseudonym.

5. John Paul Jones

Often overlooked because of its iconic guitar work is the Led Zeppelin's bassist organ playing on "Stairway To Heaven."

6. Jim Ed Brown

After climbing the charts with "Pop a Top" in the Sixties, Brown paired with Helen Cornelius on several duets that became radio staples the following decade.

7. John Ford Coley

Forever he will be identified with his duo partner England Dan, who is the brother of the Jim Seals associated with Dash Crofts.

8. Billy Ray Cyrus

Even though he had a monster hit with "Achy Breaky Heart" decades ago, Cyrus gain e new fame as the father of the star of Hannah Montana.

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9. Jerry Jeff Walker

"Railroad Lady" was his biggest solo hit, but his most recognized song is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's version of his lyrical portrait of Mr. Bojangles.

10. Rickie Lee Jones

A relatively unknown folk rock performer, she became a household name when she declared that Chuck E's In Love.

11. George Ed Powell

Having helped found the Pure Prairie League, the singer and guitarist was instrumental in the group's early success before his departure after just a few albums.

12. Vickie Sue Robinson

Her command to "Turn the Beat Around" topped the charts in the disco era of the late Seventies.

13. Olivia Newton John

Not only was the Australian a successful recording artist, but she also starred in several Oscar-winning films.

14. Joe Lynn Turner

Mainly he is identified as the lead singer of Rainbow, even though he fronted several other rock bands after parting ways with guitarist Richie Blackmore.

15. Jeffrey Hammond Hammond

Since both of his parents shared a last name, the Jethro Tull guitarist jokingly referred to himself using the repetition.

16. Jean Jaques Burnel

Along with guitarist Hugh Cornwell, this bassist wrote most of the best songs of the punk band the Stranglers.

17. Billy Joe Royal

By pleading for mercy for a boy from down in the boondocks, Royal became somewhat of a king of popular songs.

18. Jessie James Decker

Along with a successful recording career in country music she had a popular TV show on which she paired up with her husband Eric Decker, a former star in the National Football League.

19. Justin Towns Earle

His last name of course comes from his alt-country father Steve, who named his son after legendary folk singer Towns Van Zandt.

20. Jerry Lee Lewis

Great Balls Of Fire! Surely you did not think I would omit the most famous three named singer of all time.

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