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Most Cinematic BTS Music Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

What matters most in the world of entertainment is the impact it brings to the audience, and the power it holds to spread that impact.



I’ve been streaming BTS videos, most especially their new song entitled, Butter, which made it their 4th song to debut on the number 1 spot at the Billboard charts. And in streaming all the Butter official music videos in YouTube, which currently has three versions (The original MV, the hotter remix, and the cooler remix. The sweeter remix is yet to be released.), I got inspired to take a look at their previous videos and realized that all of their videos are so epic that I want to share them, most especially the ones that are cinematic.

What made these music videos cinematic? Well, they all have the qualities of a great motion picture; they all exude different emotions, they have a fascinating concept that serves as the storyline, they have multidimensional characters and settings, and they have mind-boggling symbolism and hidden meanings that will rack your brains.

In this article, I’d like to share the most cinematic BTS music videos that will blow your mind.

1. Film Out

Film Out is a Japanese track for the band’s upcoming Japanese compilation album entitled ‘BTS, The Best’ which will be released this year. This song was written by BTS member Jungkook, and released on April 2, 2021 as the ending theme for Signal, a Japanese TV series.

The concept of a parallel universe isn’t new when it comes to BTS videos. They have videos that have references to their Save Me webtoon which is a part of Hybe’s BTS Universe, an alternate universe revolving around BTS. Film Out is a video that showcases BTS Universe as Jin sees the BTS members from another world in the same room. What gives me goosebumps in watching the video is the part when Jungkook seems to have seen the mysterious hourglass on the table, as well as when Jin held it. Jungkook disappeared a while after that. Only Jin is trapped in an endless time loop, so the fact that Jungkook saw that and disappeared could mean that he will also be trapped in the time loop to save Jin. This is just a theory that I have in mind, but couldn’t quite confirm.

Jin opens a door that has many other doors to different worlds, which might mean that he’s trying to find a way back, but couldn’t. The ending scene in the video shows V looking at Jin from the other side of the room/parallel world as he disappears. This might mean that in the BTS Universe, it’s not really Jin who’s trying to save all the BTS members by going back in time. That he might be the one who needs saving.

Another thing I noticed in the video is that it has similarities with their Fake Love video because of the shattering room and the running scenes. In the Save Me webtoon, every time something breaks or shatters, Jin time-travels, which is also very evident in Film Out, as well as in their Fake Love music video.

2. On

On premiered on February 28, 2020, following their first ‘On’ music video which was released on February 21, 2020. While the first video was their choreography version, this second music video is like a movie.

There are so many things I love about it! The concept is superb as it showcases Jin and Jungkook’s acting skills. I love the part where Jin freed the bird in the cage, and Jungkook also got free. He’s been running away cuffed in thorns because the people believe he has a dark power. All the members except for V aren’t comfortable when it comes to acting, and they even make fun of themselves for trying, but in this video both Jin and Jungkook were impressive. As always, all the members showed their own thing in their own special way to make this music video one of their greatest.

3. Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Blood, Sweat, & Tears was released on October 10, 2016. There are two versions of this video: Japanese and Korean. Though I love all of BTS’ Japanese tracks, I prefer the Korean version and music video for this song. It’s so heavy on symbolism and it blows my mind every time I watch it. In fact, this video won Best Music Video at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards.

In this video, BTS explores a museum and performs a sexy dance choreography. There’s a lot going on that are very symbolic and have references to Greek mythology. It starts with Jin staring sadly at a painting called The Fall of the Rebel Angels, which shows a fight between the good and bad angels. Another part of the video with an Icarus painting is when Jungkook is floating on air because he’s in a swing.

In the video, they portray this painting by showing them getting tempted to sin, and trying to resist it. The setting perfectly sets the vibe of life and death, or good and evil, as there are things in the video that suggest that the BTS members have to choose between good and evil. If you look closely, there are two entrances while Jin is staring at the painting: one is black, and the other is white. Also, while they are dancing in the middle of the museum, there are 2 statues: one is evil, and the other is good.

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Each BTS member in the music video symbolically portrays how they are falling into darkness: Jungkook in a swing and then later on swallows something forbidden, Suga sitting on thin glass with clouds around him and is later on joined by Jimin, RM drinking a forbidden liquid, V falling off the balcony with another Icarus painting called Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, Jin kissing a fallen angel statue, and V losing his wings in the end, while Jin shed colorful tears. I think the only member in the music video that doesn’t fall into the darkness is JHope because he even shot an arrow at V to ward off evil and stop him from giving in. The music video shows all the members surrounded by temptations. An easier way to prove this is the part when they’re sitting at the dining table with a plate of one apple each. We all know that in reference to the Bible, an apple represents temptation.

4. Daechwita by Agust D

Daechwita which literally means ‘hitting,’ is the lead single to Agust D’s second mixtape entitled D-2. It was released on May 22, 2020, and the music video instantly blew my mind because Suga’s alternate ego, Agust D, portrayed two roles in the video: the king and his double.

In the shooting sketch of the video, Suga aka Agust D, explained that four years ago, Agust D became king and now, another king is confronting him. He further expressed that Daechwita is more about the auditory enjoyment rather than the lyrics. He wanted ARMYs and other viewers to focus more on the visual and auditory layers, saying that he chose Daechwita as the title track because he thought it’d be fun.

The music video is indeed fun and very cinematic because of his portrayal of a tyrant evil king who seems to have a great passion for killing people by cutting their heads off. Agust D truly showed off his acting skills here, and his rapping as usual was smooth, savage, and full of swag.

Everything in this video was epic: the acting portrayal of two roles, the setting, the dance sword, Jin and Jungkook’s cameo appearance, a doodle of Hitman Bang, and the fashion. Agust D sported a green hooded multi-pocket jacket, slim-leg jeans, and Jordan sneakers for his double. As the king, he wore a jaw-dropping ensemble of traditional Korean royal clothes, and not to mention, the scar and hair left me in awe!

5. Fake Love

Fake Love was recorded both in Japanese and Korean. The Korean music video was released on May 18, 2018 as the lead single to their 3rd album in the four-part series, Love Yourself: Tear. It conveys a message about being true to yourself, because if you’re not, then your love won’t last forever.

This video is yet, another video with lots of symbolisms hidden everywhere, but I won’t tackle that and instead, share my favorite moments. First of all, the choreography is to die for! This is one of BTS’ most difficult dance performances. The music video started with their intricate dance moves, then there’s a lot of things going on: Jin in the middle of a shattering room, JHope lying on heaps of chocolate, Suga in a room that burned, JK running on a floor that’s falling apart, Jimin in between water flowing aggressively, ‘Save Me’ written on the wall when JK opens a door, RM looking at a different reflection of himself, and V with that mysterious sand that most probably means time is running. There’s so much about this video that blows my mind and racks my brain, so I stopped analyzing and just wanted to appreciate the epic visuals.

6. Run

Run is the lead single for BTS’ fourth extended play, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2. It has a Japanese and Korean version, and the Korean version was released on November 30, 2015. The song conveys a message about continuing to get and up and run, no matter what obstacles continue to knock you down.

Every BTS member’s acting ability was highlighted in this music video because it’s a video that doesn’t have any choreography involved. It’s 100% acting, so this really has a complete movie vibe going on, as they all portray the role of troubled youth. There’s a lot of running, as well as partying, and some juvenile offenses like vandalism and making public nuisance in a tunnel, but the most memorable moments in this video are: V struggling under water, RM and him getting arrested but still smiling, JHope and Jimin in a hospital, JK and Suga fighting each other, and the ending part shows JK smiling and V getting out of the water, a sign that despite a difficult journey in life, he survived.

7. Spring Day

Spring Day was released on February 12, 2017 as the lead single to BTS album entitled You Never Walk Alone. The video was inspired by The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, a 1973 novella by Ursula K. Le Guin, as well as the 2013 movie by Bong-Joon called Snowpiercer. The video concept is about death, afterlife, and closure.

This song and music video is one of my all-time ultimate favorites because of its message, as well as its perfect interpretation in the video. My favorite moments are: RM being surprised by the members with a party and playfully throwing a cake to his face, Suga sitting in a huge pile of clothes or laundry and later on joined by all the members, Jhope on top of a running train playing paper airplaine, Jungkook with an old merry-go-round at the background, Jin at the bottom of a spiral staircase with a picture frame hand gesture, and Jimin at the beach.

A lot of people are asking why so many would pick this song as their favorite and I’d say that it’s because this song is so nostalgic. It’s reflective and passionate, and it’s a song about loss and yearning for the past. In addition, there is a theory that Spring Day is about a horrible disaster that happened in 2014 when a South Korean ferry sank and killed more than 100 occupants. Esquire reported that the majority of the victims were high school students who obeyed orders to stay in their cabins as the boat was going down.

Blood, Sweat, & Tears Official MV

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