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Mortal Terror, "Bite of the Underdog" Album Review

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A Brief Introduction to the Band Mortal Terror and Their 2020 Studio Album

Here’s another metal band with the name of mortal in it and this one is Mortal Terror, a German thrash metal band that has been active since 1986. Their latest release called Bite of the Underdog which was released in 2020 is described as an old school thrash metal release and that description is pretty accurate. The sound is similar to the 1980s yet you can notice the modern nature of the album. Influences in this album range from Metallica to Slayer, and even Tankard creating that old school feel.

“Die at Full Speed” even sounds like a more modern version of Iron Maiden and you can really tell if you really listen to the riffing and guitar sounds. Some of the riffing in this song also resembles early Blind Guardian to a degree. In spite of this song’s title, the riffing ranges from fast to mid-tempo to melodic creating a sort of musical contrast and this is good if that approach works which in this case it does. To say that this is a death metal album would be highly inaccurate. There is a big similarity to the album Brain Rangers by the band Brainthrash because of the vocal style which is a good thing.

Bite of the Underdog Starts With the Title Track

This album starts out slower for just a brief moment until the thrash metal fest begins with the title track which is lyrically about a beast that appears at night and ravages whatever he gets his hands on. The middle section of the song resembles “The Four Horsemen” but obviously this song is nothing like that one. However, it is still a good part for these Germans to have included.

More Analysis of the Songs In "Bite of the Underdog"

“To the End” is a song that totally resembles early Tankard as the drumming will even a clue with the guitar style. I would even be willing to assert that this release is like a band that feels like they are the underdog in a competition and they have nothing left to lose. There is the lyrical line of “Mortal Terror to the end” which might as well be similar to what was in the song “Whiplash” by Metallica way back in the day when James Hetfield utters “we’ll never stop, we’ll never quit cause we’re Metallica.” “Hate for the Haters” is a song that has an interesting sounding chorus as the song is pretty much about bitter people that blame all of their misfortunes on other people.

"Black Pilled” is a song about someone that has such low self-esteem that his life feels like it is a total train wreck and no one respects him. He is addicted to pathological lying as he has no idea how to get out of this predicament. If you have any sort of nostalgia for the old days of heavy metal, Bite of the Underdog is an album that should be your cup of tea. “Hounds of the Night” is lyrically similar to Judas Priest’s “Nightcrawler” as these hounds have awoken from their sleep and they are ready to strike their prey.

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