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A Review and Analysis of the Importance of Morning Musume 17's Songs "Brand New Morning" and "Jealousy Jealousy"

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A photo of Morning Musume 17 members during the filming of the video for Brand New Morning

A group photo of Morning Musume 17. Band leader Mizuki Fukumura is at the far right of the first row.

A group photo of Morning Musume 17. Band leader Mizuki Fukumura is at the far right of the first row.

What are the main themes and messages in these two songs?

Japanese girl group Morning Musume 17 now has released their 63rd major single called BRAND NEW MORNING/ Jealousy Jealousy. I believe that this double A-side single is not just a pair of average pop music style songs but these two songs are songs that have the power to change and transform lives. This concept should be a part of American pop culture as well. Brand New Morning makes some political references because the message that it is trying to get across is that we are now at a very different time in the history of the world but we must deal with these challenging times through teamwork, a new strategy, peace, and love. The world is so divided that Morning Musume 17 has decided to raise awareness about the many social problems that plague the United States in particular.

For those of you that don’t recall, this girl group makes a slight change to their name every year and at the time of writing of this article, they were performing under the name of Morning Musume 17.

Brand New Morning makes a reference to US President Donald Trump

The world now views the United States much more differently because of the new Trump Administration. Although the lyrics in Brand New Morning do not mention Donald Trump by name specifically, there is a reference made to him in the song itself.

What this article is and is not going to be about

Before we go any further into what Brand New Morning is trying to get across (the hidden themes), this article is not designed to be critical of the Trump Administration. It is necessary not just for celebrities to communicate with the world about spreading messages of love and peace but in these tough times whether you are a Trump supporter, Hillary Clinton, or Jill Stein supporter, these two songs are designed to bring people together instead of driving them apart.

Brand New Morning: the big messages that people should remember from this influential song

The members of the group make it known in the song itself when they sing: “A new president; so confused with the period of transition.” It is my hope that through the power of music that has a positive, loving, and uplifting message that the people of the United States and other countries in the world can unite, come together and spread love, not hate. This is another important message that the song tries to convey. Instead of hating others, love them. Instead of stealing, practice the gift of giving to others. Morning Musume 17 also makes reference to the fact that when countries around the world lost the meaning of peace or took peace for granted, they became more violent, divisive, and they lost all norms of how you deal with other countries. The group views this time period in their history as the beginning of a new generation and of a new era. This is the time to come together and start helping each other out. Just like the sun that rises in the East, if we are knocked down in life, we know that we can get back up again. For those of you that are feeling like you have been defeated, that there is no hope, listen to this song and you may be able to get a fresh, new perspective. Rather than putting up a fight against what we oppose and mourning we should advocate for the spread for peace. And this is exactly what the group wants to sing about in this song. All the members are dressed in red for this song and red is the color of love. At the three minute mark of the song, the members sing about wanting love in their lives.

"Brand New Morning"

The main messages in the song Jealousy Jealousy

Jealousy Jealousy begins with the message that there is someone who is jealous of another person because they are young and that they can accomplish difficult tasks very quickly. She feels the need to be beautiful and to be idolized by others. I get the sense that the character in this song is displaying traits of narcissism. People can be jealous if they see other people that are skinny but they are not. In the song, the members of Morning Musume 17 are dressed in white dresses. There is also reference to the fact that in spite of the principle of equal opportunity, GOD is unfair. Actually, it is life itself that is unfair and not GOD. There is no intent to make this article about religion but it can be said that GOD grants human beings the free will to choose between good actions and bad actions. Jealousy is a human emotion that is created by choice. You can willfully choose to be jealous of someone or not. The two songs also represent a new era for Morning Musume 17 because this is also the first time that new members Kaede Kaga and Reina Yokoyama are featured as members for this song.

"Jealousy Jealousy"

Brand New Morning VS. Jealousy Jealousy

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