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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Morbius (2022)

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Morbius is insultingly bad with little to no redeeming qualities. It takes common tropes that movies today will at least be self aware about, and turns them into events that are supposed to shock you into thinking that it is an original idea.

Nothing positive can even be said about the score, something I usually find to be helpful to a movie, never a hinderance. It is apparent that not only did Jon Ekstrand take inspiration from Hans Zimmer's score for the Dark Knight, he blatantly ripped it off.

The dialogue hardly ever matches the tone of the scene, nor does it ever seem to understand when it is appropriate to say certain things. Even the jokes are placed terribly, and it's not even possible for the audience to force a laugh from them.

The only things that don't make this movie impossible to watch are the pacing of the film, which surprisingly did fairly well. and the CGI elements, which are very well executed for what the idea was, but extremely lazily imagined in the first place.


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