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"Monster Hunter" Movie Review

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I will never understand why so many so-called professional reviewers feel the need to hatefully ridicule non-Oscar-level movies. If it's Jack and Jill level bad then by all means, speak on it. But Monster Hunter was not bad or terrible or even remotely unlikable. It was a good, fun time that you could take your kids to. Kids, teens, and adults alike can find enjoyment in the film, so I urge you not to listen to negative and hateful reviews but rather give it a chance and see it for yourself.

The film follows Artemis, a military captain leading her team on a mission. They drive right into a storm which propels them into an alternate world where monsters roam and are relentless. There's a horned beast that moves underground, a nest of spiders that lay eggs under your skin, dragons, and so much more. Surviving in this world seems impossible, until Artemis meets a young man who has been doing just that. Together, they must find a way to make it past the monsters in order to figure out how to get Artemis back home.

Sure, the film is no Transformers or Love and Monsters but it's still wildly fun. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich, both of Resident Evil fame, the successful duo tackle yet another video game title that's sure to spawn a sequel or two.

The film also did things that I've never seen another monster movie do. For example, I've never seen another monster film show cave-dwelling spiders that build webs so big that they're practically tunnels. I've never seen a monster movie show what happens inside a fire-breathing dragon when it gets ready to attack. There's other things too but I can't list everything, especially because that's borderline spoiler territory.

There were a few inconsistencies throughout the film, mostly some things that were said didn't add up to things that had happened. For example, after the soldiers are whisked through the portal, one asks "where did all this sand come from" - um, weren't you just in a desert? Small things like that. But that didn't happen often, thankfully. The only other issue is that the film felt rushed, like it skipped over a few details that might be necessary to know, however, I don't entirely fault Paul Anderson for that because the man fit a 12-hour-plus game into a two-hour timespan. Whether you want to admit it or not, the man is incredibly smart and visually gifted.

In conclusion, give this film a try. If you liked the Resident Evil films, if you like a good action-packed monster movie, if you're a fan of Milla Jovovich, then ignore all the negativity and go see this film. I give Monster Hunter a 3 out of 4.

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