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Hyun Bin, a Topnotch South Korean actor

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Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin's Profile & Discovery

His screen name - ‘Hyun Bin’, his real name - Kim Tae Pyeong, he was born in Seoul, South Korea on Sept. 25, 1982. He is 184 cm tall and averagely weighs 74 kg. His blood type is B. His fans fondly call him ‘Binnie’.

He was accidentally discovered by a talent scout while riding at the back of a friend’s motorcycle. He was in high school then and his parents initially didn’t permit him to enter into show business and pursue an acting career. His parents only relented when he has able to fulfill their condition that is to pass admission to Chung-Ang University, the best university for acting.

After finishing college where he majored in Theatre Studies, he started accepting minor roles and made his acting debut in a TV drama, ‘Bodyguard’ in 2003. His looks and unique way of talking was noticed by a screenwriter who cast him the lead role in another TV drama ‘Ireland’ in 2004. He became more popular especially among female viewers when he got the lead role alongside Kim Sun-ah for the romantic drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” which become a huge hit in South Korea, gaining one of the highest ratings in a Korean drama, starting the first episode with 19% viewership that gradually sky rocketed up to 50% in the last episode. The show and its casts received numerous awards in different award giving bodies. This is also the TV series where he learned to play the piano to actually play the character’s hobby.

After that, Hyun Bin continuously gained popularity as he appeared both in TV and movies, and year after year he consistently receives numerous recognitions. One of which is from the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards held last May 26, 2011, he won the Daeksang (grand) award for “Best Actor in a TV drama category” for the romantic-comedy-drama TV series, ‘Secret Garden’ which was also awarded with “Best Drama in a TV category. His co-lead Ha Ji-won won “Best Actress in a TV drama” award while scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook received the “Best Scriptwriting” award and Yoo Inna won Best New Actress.

Secret Garden which was aired from Nov. 13, 2010 to Jan. 16, 2011, became a phenomenal success in South Korea. Some scenes in the drama were even adapted to TV commercials. Hyun Bin’s character as Kim Joo Won created a fad that made him do 6 new product endorsements and renewed his existing endorsement contracts. Because of this, he was tagged as the new CF (commercial film) king at that time.

Hyun Bin's commercial adapted from Secret Garden characters

Months before that, Hyun Bin filmed the movie ‘Late Autumn’ where he spoke mostly English dialogues, it was intended to be released both locally and internationally. Late Autumn is an entry to various international film festivals such as Toronto, Pusan, Berlin, Fribourg, Jeonju and Seattle’s. He has also managed to do a low-budgeted movie “Come Rain, Come Shine” in just 3 weeks, it is his 2nd movie entry to Berlin Film Festival. While shooting Secret Garden, he squeezed in his time to provide voice for the narration of a documentary film ‘Tears in Africa’.

On March 7, 2011, he was enlisted in the Marines for South Korea government’s compulsory 21 months of military service. Before entering the Marines, he bid his fans goodbye with teary eyes and told them that he will strive to be a better man during this time and that he wish to return the love he have received from them when he comes back. He has always been grateful to his fans and never fails to greet them wherever he is. He was discharged from military service in December 6, 2012.

Above video is a slideshow of Hyun Bin's pictures which I personally made to show his different images and styles through the years.

A skill he seldom shows is that he also sings and he sings quiet good. He has done some tracks for his TV series since 2009, the most popular of which is his male version of Secret Garden’s OST, ‘That Woman’. His version, ‘That Man’ also became a hit for topping South Korea’s 8 billboard charts in just 5 days after its release, that even beat the original version done by Baek Ji Young. During his international fan meetings, he would usually play the piano and/or sing an English song.

The making of Hyun Bin's CJ Freshian commercial

Year 2013, yet still being one of the most credible and in-demand product endorser, he reclaimed his throne as CF king and had been busy doing commercials for various companies. Check out his latest CF for Kia Motors new sedan, "the new K5", Samsung Smart TV, Cantata coffee and CheilJedang's Freshian for now. For sure there'll be more to come up since Binnie looks more gorgeous now.

For his big screen come-back, Hyun Bin chosen to do 'Fatal Encounter' where he would play as King Jeongjo, one of the most successful and visionary rulers of Korea. This is the first time that he have done a historical film. It was shown in cinemas in April 2014 and drew over 3 million admissions.

Latest News on Hyun Bin

Eversince he got out from military, he has been doing fan meetings in 5 countries in Asia. He already went to Taipei Taiwan, Bangkok Thailand, Bugis Singapore, Hongkong and China.

It seems that the only break he has as an actor was when he served his military service. Hyun Bin has been in movies & TV dramas and even in commercials eversince he started his career.

2014 to 2020

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2014 Film- The Fatal Encounter

2015 TV Series - Hyde, Jekyll, Me

2016 He set up his own agency "Vast Entertainment"

2016 He was chosen as Promotional Ambassador for "Gwangju Biennale". He was also involved in an awareness campaign against animal cruelty.

2017 Film - Confidential Assignment

2017 Film - The Swindlers

2018 Film - The Negotiation

2018 Film - Rampant

2018-2019 TV Series - Memories of Alhambra

2019-2020 TV Series - Crash Landing On You

Hyun Bin has apparently never ceases to be one of the most in-demand actors since he debuted in 2004 despite new good looking actors consistently coming in the entertainment industry. His acting skill. good work attitude, staying humble & considerate to all the production staff & crew, these I believe made him the kind of actor that producers & directors would always want to work with.

Find more about Hyun Bin, his activities and new projects through his official website -

Hyun Bin on his Rom-Com TV series "Crash Landing On You"

I have finished watching "Crash Landing On You". Yes, Hyun Bin is back from doing romantic-comedy TV series after Secret Garden. This is also the first time that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin is paired in a TV series. Though they worked together in the film "The Negotiation", they only had one scene where they act together which is when they are filmed on the same floor.

I highly recommend you to watch "Crash Landing On You" as I myself enjoyed watching each and every episodes. It was shown in South Korea's cable channel TVN every Saturdays & Sundays and in Netflix for international viewers. It was released December 14, 2019 and has 16 episodes. Crash Landing on you surpassed "Goblin"'s record of being the highest rated TV series shown on a cable channel.

Look how adorable Hyun Bin is in below video. I also love Son Ye Jin doing comedy acts as it shows how versatile she is as an actress. This is one of the best pairing whether in film or TV as they're the best in the acting field.

How a Jealous Hyun Bin Looks Like

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Ma. Hayle A. Monghit on May 05, 2020:

First I noticed Hyun Bin during I watch "Crash Landing on you" through my eldest sister and nephew. It was so overwhelmed after the whole episodes watching, I'll just relax and From then on I

Maria Cecilia from Philippines on July 27, 2011:

I love this Man, together with Ha Ji Won, noticed him in Secret Garden, although he is too thin there, I think he is more goodlooking...

Caroline Guillermo (author) from Central Luzon, Philippines on July 04, 2011:

Thank you for your comment and for following my hubs Dr. Suleiman Dex. I'll check the two sites you have suggested =)

Dr Suleiman Dex from Northern Great Steppes on July 04, 2011:

There is trending interest in South Korean Television and Movies, especially on the Web. On Hulu and Netflix there are many choices, many of which are good watching even without subtitles or voice-overs. Many of the actors, directors, and producers are very adept at conveying the story line visually, as well as with dialog. I will be watching for this emerging Actor among the dramas and movies I watch on the two sites above.

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