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Misako Yasuda Japanese Actress & Former Fashion Model

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Who Is Misako Yasuda?

Misako Yasuda is a former fashion model turned movie and TV actress. She is seen in many photo shoots with fellow supermodel Yoko Kumada (not to be confused with Yoko Matsugane who I think is much prettier and sexier). Misako entered this lovely world of ours on April 21, 1982. She stands at 162 centimeters tall. A native of the city of Uji, Misako has the type O blood type. Uji is located in the Kyoto Prefecture. And there is also a city in Japan by that same name.


Who Is the Man That Misako Yasuda Started Her Romance With?

Back in 2012, it was reported that Yasuda was dating fashion designer Naoyuki Shimotori. Yasuda married Shimotori as the couple held their wedding reception and ceremony in Tokyo on April 5, 2015. But before we discuss the details of their marriage, how did these two people happen to meet each other? Acquaintances say that the couple met each other because of mutual friends and started to date in the spring of 2012. Tabloid magazine Josei Seven reported that Yasuda and her then boyfriend were living together with pet dog HANNA. Speaking of dogs, readers will recall that in my article about Aki Takajo, she loves dogs as well. As for Naoyuki Shimotori, he is best known for being the founder of menswear brand VICTIM which he started in 2003. Five years later in 2008, there was a new branch of the store that opened up in Harajuku, an area of Tokyo.

Misako Yasuda's Wedding Ceremony

Japanese gravure model and movie actress Misako Yasuda had finally gotten married. The then 32 year-old native of Uji, Japan has primarily worked as a bikini model just like many other women in the industry. She got married on April 5, 2015 in Tokyo where the wedding ceremony and reception was held. She was the next famous celebrity to get married since I wrote about Maki Goto and Ai Takahashi back in the day on this site which was in 2014 and that seems like ages ago. Misako would turn 33 on April 21 of that year. There were 240 people that attended the event including Yoko Kumada and Jun Natsukawa. The guests in attendance received a wedding gift from June Candle. He is the husband of actress Ryoko Hirosue and he is a candle designer. So the guests received candles produced by him. Misako Yasuda got married to designer Naoyuki Shimotori.

Then Came the Extramarital Affair of Naoyuki Shimotori

After her marriage and wedding ceremony in 2015, it looked like all would be smooth sailing until the entertainment world was dealt with potentially devastating news for the couple’s marriage. It would be at the end of December 2016 that there were reports by Shukan Bunshun that Shimotori was having a secret affair with a woman who was said to look like famous actress Keiko Kitagawa. Yasuda was said to be sad and very shocked at her husband’s actions and began to ask that one famous question: why? Yasuda also revealed that she had told her husband that if her were to cheat on her, their marriage would be over but she cannot think of spending her life without him. The next step Yasuda revealed was to start over from scratch. Yasuda now 37 gave birth to a daughter in November 2016.

Misako Yasuda In a Swimsuit

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Yasuda Also Went On What Was Called A Midnight Run

It was in 2010 that Yasuda decided to go on a midnight run. The event was called NIKE RUN-CLUB Girls Special. This running event lasted three weeks and it was 2.2 kilometers.

Interesting Facts About Misako Yasuda

  • She is a Taurus.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • Misako has a twin brother.
  • She is a graduate of Azuma High School and Isetan University.
  • She is skilled at playing the piano and participating in basketball.
  • She has a great appreciation for music.
  • In addition to her native Japanese, Misako also speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.

Misako Yasuda Gives Birth to Her Second Child

It was on March 10, 2020 that Yasuda announced via Instagram that she has given birth to her second child, a daughter on February 23, 2020. She said though that this time it was difficult because the baby was born prematurely. However, it was also announced that the baby was born healthy and that's always good news for any mother.

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