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Mr. Bubble Classic Television Commercials Celebrate 60 Years

Cheryl loves writing about all things retro that are near and dear to baby boomers.

Original Mr. Bubble

Original Mr. Bubble

My bubble was burst

As a young girl during the 1960s, I was intrigued with the television commercials for MR. BUBBLE. I lived in the county with my grandparents who did not have indoor plumbing. I enjoyed watching the TV ads and wondered what it would be like to bathe in a tub filled with all of those bubbles. I was also very naive and actually believed that MR. BUBBLE would actually come out of the soapy water and hover above the tub as he did in the commercials. In 1967 when I was 9 years old I spent a weekend with my great aunt who lived in the city. I asked her if she could please have some MR. BUBBLE on hand and she complied. I eagerly climbed into her old-fashioned tub that stood on 4 legs and anticipated my first full bath inside a tub. I poured in lots of MR. BUBBLE and had a lot of suds. I began my bath wondering when my hero would emerge from the water but he never did. My bubble was burst and I cried. I assumed television commercials were real because I was looking at them. This was the second time I had been hoodwinked by an ad targeting children. At age seven I fell and scarred my knees when I tried riding my bike without training wheels because Tony the Tiger said you could do anything if you after ate a bowl of KELLOGGS SUGAR FROSTED FLAKES.

The beginning

Many children in those days were innocent and trusting of what they saw on television. If no one explained that commercials were only advertisements to sell products how would a little girl or boy know? MR. BUBBLE was born in 1961 and celebrates 6 decades this year of 2021. The product continues to be one of the top-selling bubble baths in the United States. Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company found a unique way to make bubble bath affordable for regular folks. Until then bubble bath was seen as a luxury was sold in department stores but MR. BUBBLE was marketed from drug stores. Early television commercials had kids in backyard swimming pools filling them with water hoses and plenty of MR. BUBBLE. The foam grew as the water was filling the pool and the children enjoyed themselves. This led to the early slogan that the bathtime product:

makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty.

The original formula contained powdered bubble bath flakes that promised to “Bubble kids clean” and leave no bathtub ring." You can read the detailed evolution of this product by clicking on the following link.

Changing times

MR BUBBLES initially cost 59 cents which at the time was considered pricey and it did not catch on right. away. The price was dropped a little and it was placed in supermarkets and really caught on during the latter part of the 1960s. In 1972, the bubble bath introduced a liquid version along with a powder. that was reformulated Commercials released during this time offered to the public both of the options available for bath time. At this time MR. BUBBLE was given his own jingle in the ads.

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I’m Mr. Bubble and I give dirt trouble!

I’m the funniest bubble you’ve ever seen

I’m fun in the tub

Just give me a rub

I help bubble you clean!

Things have changed over the decades and there are many additional MR. BUBBLE products including foam soap and lotion. In the video, a young girl makes slime from mixing the products. There are also a number of MR BUBBLE cleaning products for the bathroom and the shower. For baby boomers the original powdered MR. BUBBLE soap powder will always be near and dear to the heart. MR. BUBBLES is one of several brand names that have been used by a parent company/entity known at various times as TOOTSIETOY,, STROMBECKER or CHEMTOY. The MR. BUBBLES solution is utilized in part or in whole by bubble trick performers such as

A cultral icon

For adults who grew up during the 1960s when MR. BUBBLE was first introduced, this product brings back fun memories. The product is as old as some of those who are reading this Hub and they grew up with the bubble bath in their homes. Not long ago I read a comment in a Classic television group on Facebook. It was suggested that on the television networks that offer retro and classic movies and TV shows, that trow back commercials should be shown as well. What a great idea and I hope someone runs with it. I would love to see MR, BUBBLE, and other classic commercials shown along with the programs that appeared at the same time. happy 60th birthday MR. BUBBLE and may you be around for 6 decades more.

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