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Miki Fujimoto Also Known as Miki Shoji Beautiful J Pop Singer & Former Member of the Girl Group Morning Musume

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A First Look at Miki Fujimoto Also Known as Miki Shoji as of 2009


Who Is Miki Fujimoto and Why Is She Famous?

If you really enjoy Japanese pop music then the name Miki Fujimoto also known as Miki Shoji should be very familiar to you. She is best known for being one of the members of the 6th generation of girl group Morning Musume. This extremely attractive young lady was born on February 26, 1985 in the city of Takikawa in Japan. Takikawa is located on the island of Hokkaido.

Some Interesting Facts About Miki Fujimoto

  • She enjoys watching movies.
  • Her favorite colors are black and white.
  • Her favorite flower is the sunflower.
  • She says that her favorite season is summer.
  • Her favorite foods include yakiniku, natto and meat.
  • The foods that she dislikes are cauliflower, broccoli, taro and scallions.
  • Her favorite song is listed as "Romantic Ukare Mode."
  • Miki’s favorite artists are her best friend Aya Matsuura, Christina Aguilera and Namie Amuro.
  • She is also good friends with Hitomi Yoshizawa.

"Boogie Train"

Miki Fujimoto's Attempt to Get Into the Entertainment Industry Failed at First

Fujimoto in 2002 at the young age of 17 attempted to join the popular Japanese all female pop music group called Morning Musume. But she was not successful and she got her first start in the entertainment industry. And this happened when she joined a group known as Hello! Project in the same year of 2002. At this time, she was performing as a solo performer.


Miki Fujimoto Starts to Succeed Around the Year 2003

Fujimoto finally got her first taste of success when she performed well on New Year’s Eve in 2003 on a music program called Kohaku Uta Gassen. Fujimoto then was able to join Morning Musume. But shortly after she joined the group made a split into two groups and she was put into the group Morning Musume Otomegumi.

"Boyfriend" Instrumental Version

Miki Fujimoto in Bankgok, Thailand in 2009


Scandal Involving Fujimoto

According to a Japanese magazine called Friday, there was a rumor circulating around that Fujimoto had been involved in a scandal with now current husband Tomoharu Shoji who is involved as a member of a comedy group called Shinagawa Shoji. Fujimoto confirmed on a radio show that the pictures in that magazine were pictures of her. The agency that she has a contract with is called Up-Front Agency. The agency did not want to get involved in the situation because they could not prove that Shoji and Fujimoto were dating. After this incident, Fujimoto resigned from Morning Musume in June of 2007.

Miki Fujimoto Marries Comedian Tomoharu Shoji

Fujimoto in March 2009 announced that she and Tomoharu Shoji had become engaged. And on July 3 of that same year they got married in Hawaii. As of 2010 Fujimoto has now rejoined the other Morning Musume members in a new group called Dream Morning Musume. Miki is now known as Miki Shoji but still uses her maiden surname when she records music. In September of 2010, Miki joined another group by the name of Afternoon Musume. There are so many of these kinds of group names that I find it amazing.

Modeling & Acting Work For Fujimoto

In addition to her success as a pop singer in the music industry, Fujimoto is also a model and actress. Fujimoto has made appearances in six photo books and she has released 3 DVDs. Fujimoto has also made appearances in two musicals. The first musical that she appeared in was called Ribbon No Kishi and she played the role of Hecate. This event took place in 2006. In 2008, Fujimoto appeared in the musical version of Grease and she played the role of Rizzo. As of 2011, Fujimoto is still the leader of the group Dream Morning Musume.

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A Restaurant Produced by Fujimoto Comes Under Controversy

We mentioned earlier how Miki Fujimoto created controversy with her romance with Tomoharu Shoji while she was still a member of Morning Musume. In 2012, she was at the center of controversy and in the news once again but this time, she was not personally responsible for what was to surface. On June 8, 2012, it was reported that 16 high school students from Kanagawa Prefecture came down with a case of food poisoning after having eaten at a restaurant produced by Fujimoto. Three of these female high school students were hospitalized but their conditions were not life threatening. Two days after the incident, Fujimoto wrote what was described as a public apology on her blog. She expressed deep concern for the customers that were affected as a result of this incident and also apologized for the other customers having been inconvenienced. Fujimoto explained that she is the image character for the restaurant chain called Yakiniku Miki-tei. She felt very bad about the incident and said that she does not take part in the management of the restaurant.

"My Pure Lady"

Miki Fujimoto Goes on a Special Vacation and Meets Up With Aya Matsuura

Miki Fujimoto the gorgeous former singer of Morning Musume took a vacation in 2011 that she will probably never forget. She first arrived in Chicago in February 2011 and posted on her blog that it was snowing in Chicago and that after her time in Chicago, she would be getting on another plane. Although this was Fujimoto’s first time in Chicago and she was really excited, she also said that she did not have any free time. That must have disappointed her fans a great deal. But what she did next kept fans wondering what was going on. Later, she posted a picture of someone and said that after this trip, she and this person would be doing some work abroad. It turned out to be her best friend Aya Matsuura. Matsuura also posted a picture of someone from behind and she said that she was at Narita Airport. She would reveal later that it was Miki Fujimoto and that they were having fun at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Shortly before that vacation, Miki was present at the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show as a guest. She modeled for the brand Laisse Paisse.

Miki Fujimoto's Best Solo Single

Miki Reveals Something Interesting About Her Life

On March 9, 2021, Fujimoto revealed in a YouTube video that after she had not been successful in what is known as the 4ki Audition, she was ready to go to high school when she got a phone call to come back and train for a solo career.

Some Analysis of Miki Fujimoto's Solo Songs Boyfriend and Romantic Ukare Mode

The one aspect of Miki’s career that we did not address in this biography are about a few of her most notable solo singles such as the ones we mentioned. These are Boyfriend, Romantic Ukare Mode, and Okitegami. “Boyfriend” is a song that lyrically about a woman that feels so confident about herself that she is willing to do anything she can to meet up with a guy that is acting like her boyfriend anyway. But she is facing a dilemma because there are so many days that they are not able to meet up and she grips the phone tightly even as night turns to morning. You might as well classify this song as a sort of relationship pursuit kind of song because the girl described in the song is really sure that she can win him over and become his lover. She says that she can endure her loneliness as long as she is able to meet up with him. She is willing to turn down invitations from all of her friends in order to meet up with him. Romantic Ukare Mode is a song about a woman that has reached the season where the flowers are blooming and she is ready to fall in love. She proclaims that the greatest love in history is about to begin. She says that she sees the person that she has fallen in love with. This is a man that hangs out with his friends every day. After the first initial soft section where you can hear the power and grace of Fujimoto’s vocals, the song turns into a somewhat higher energy song.

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on September 24, 2020:

Hi Paul M,

Thank you so much for your wonderfully thought comment! I have always had a huge passion for writing and this site has given me a wonderful opportunity to do so and to be able to inform the world as well. I got into Morning Musume probably around 2012 and I have been enjoying their music ever since. I find Miki Fujimoto and Aya Matsuura entertaining as well. Thanks again Paul for your comment and do please check out my many other articles as well. I will fight for what is good always!

Paul M on September 23, 2020:

I (invidinvasion) have been a fan of Aya Matsuura and Morning Musume since 2009. They are all grown up with family of their own. I, as a 54 year old American man, feel enriched and greatly entertained by the hearts and beauty of these woman whom give so much of themselves to make life such a wonderful creation. I am lucky to be alive to witness such selfless, giving, and nurturing personalities. Best wishes to everyone. And thank you Ara for your writing and good luck with everything you do! Fight for Good always!

Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on July 22, 2020:

Thank you so much for leaving this great comment! I was wanting for the world to see that in fact there are celebrities who do not only care about themselves and that they care about humanity as a whole. Miki is one of those people as this article shows. I wrote about her here so that the world can read about her and get to know her more in depth. You are more than welcome to read some of my other articles about members of Morning Musume.

Invidinvasion on July 22, 2020: are such a brave, strong, intelligent and beautiful person. Thank you for giving the world positivity and lovliness. So appreciative of you and your friend Aya M. I am but a simple American man...but I like your character and style. I know not of you other than what I see of you in media. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Best wishes!

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