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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016) Movie Review

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MPAA Rating


Running Time

98 minutes


Jake Szymanski


Andrew Jay Cohen and Brendan O'Brien

I know it’s been keeping you up nights, and you haven’t been able to pay attention at work, you neglect your children even more than usual, waiting for an answer that’s been plaguing you ever since the beginning of 2016...

Yes, the new R-Rated slightly muted raunch-fest Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is, by far, the best Zac Efron released this year. It’s a briskly funny 90 minutes out of your life that you probably won’t regret. It’s much more entertaining than the diminishing returns of last May’s Neighbors’ sequel, and if you actually remember Dirty Grandpa, I feel really bad for you.

Dirty Grandpa got “Worst Movie of the Year” reviews in January, which is really tough to do. And yes, it’s really that bad. Almost Mortdecai levels, which was also released in January of 2015.

It could have been worse. Dirty Grandpa could have been killed by the KKK, strung up on a tree and hanged, and then been ruled a “accident” by a police force that probably didn’t feel it was necessary to investigate the death of a black Mortdecai…in the south.

On the plus side, Mike and Dave does have Zac Efron without his shirt on for the 87th time onscreen. Adam Devine keeps his clothes on this time. Sorry ladies.

The low concept plot could probably be summarized in a sentence, but I’m going to use more than 1 sentence because words.

Or you could just watch the trailer. Go on. I’ll wait.


Mike and Dave Stangle (Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine and Abs Perfect’s Zac Efron- sure, we’ll totally believe they’re brothers) are underachieving liquor salesmen who are only remembered because they mess up every Stangle family function with their drunk and lewd antics that usually involve fireworks and broken limbs.

This time their little sister Jeanie (Sugar Lyn Beard) is getting married, and the Stangle elders want to quash potential disasters. Their solution: Mike and Dave need…dates to the wedding…of their sister.
Nice girls. Not skanks. The winners will get a free trip to Hawaii if they fit the bill.

Through the magic of the Internet and the Wendy Williams show, they have a lot of possible suitors, but in the time-honored bad interview montage, they just can’t seem find the right kind of girls until…

A girl named Tatiana (Grumpy Cat’s Aubrey Plaza) runs into a car right in front of them, and Mike “saves” her life.

The thing is, Tatiana and her friend Alice (Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick) are really scheming drunks who just got fired from a Hooters-ish restaurant because of Alice’s inability not to table-dance to a Rihanna song.

They’re broke, with no real prospects, and just looking for a vacation. So they lie about their jobs and their non-skankiness and hook Dave and Mike enough to go to Hawaii.

What could possibly go wrong? If you’ve seen the trailer, a lot, considering most of the jokes are revealed in it. Most, but not all…

Which ones of us aren't in a Pitch Perfect movie?

Which ones of us aren't in a Pitch Perfect movie?

What Works With Mike and Dave Need a Better Title

  • Sure, the ladies will see it for Zac Efron, but it’s Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick that carry the movie. On a scene-by-scene basis, they have more laughs than Efron and Devine. There’s not a scene involving either one of them that doesn’t work. After the credits roll, you think about how much better the movie would have been had it centered around Alice and Tatiana.
  • Alice and Tatiana need a better movie. Or rather Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick need a better movie. Scott Pilgrim perhaps?
  • The first scene in the movie. Zac Efron in a bad Australian Accent. May be the funniest thing he’s ever done in his career. The film doesn’t necessarily dovetail after this, but it does…settle
  • On a Laughs-Per-Minute Basis, Mike and Dave is much funnier than last June’s Central Intelligence. So if you forked over money to see Kevin Hart play the Kevin Hart character, you really should be seeing this right now.
  • No Hawkeye
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What Doesn’t Work With Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

  • A couple of sequences involving horses seem like there was a setup to a joke, but the payoff got cut out of the finished movie
  • One of those movies where you’d expect the Unrated Blu-Ray version is much funnier simply so the studio could make you watch it twice.
Holding a glass and keeping Anna Kendrick from falling. Multitasking!

Holding a glass and keeping Anna Kendrick from falling. Multitasking!


Mike and Dave is an amusing enough R-rated fun. It’s exactly what you’d expect. No more. No less. Sure, you forget about it about 30 minutes after you see it, but honestly, you did the same thing for Finding Dory. And you get to see Adam Devine’s vagina. It’s divine.


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Noel Penaflor (author) from California on November 29, 2019:

We all have...We all Have.

Sam Shepards from Europe on November 29, 2019:

I always wondered about Adam Divine's magic box.

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