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Michelle Dockery: Beautiful Pale Celebrity

Michelle Dockery on the cover of Vanity Fair, pale and beautiful

Michelle Dockery on the cover of Vanity Fair, pale and beautiful

Beautiful pale celebrity Michelle Dockery has successfully burst onto the scene as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey. The show has become incredibly popular on PBS in the United States.

In this hub we discuss Michelle Dockery's pale skin, overall beauty, and how you can get her look.

It is nice to see a famous woman that is dark-haired but also very fair complected.

These features are a very common European combination, but because of the popularity of tanning parlors and baking under the sun, at least in the states, pale skinned women don't make it to the front pages or to the forefront of the media.

Michelle Dockery, white skin celebrity

Michelle Dockery, white skin celebrity

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Michelle Dockery's Makeup

Michelle Dockery's pale complexion is especially striking because it is paired with very dark hair. Dark hair against white skin produces a contrast that is more noticable than blonde hair on pale skin.

On TV, Michelle's hair is usually short and pinned up, but in appearances outside of Downtown Abbey, her hair is usually long and she wears it down. She looks like a thoroughly modern girl off the set.

If you look carefully at Michelle's makeup, you will notice that she is usually seen in one of two looks -- wearing eyeliner, mascara, and a reddish lipstick with no noticable eyeshadow or blush, or more decked out in peach-colored makup on her cheeks and eyelids.

In the picture above she can be seen with a sweep of blush across her forehead. This is a trick that makes a made up face look more put-together: if you have the same color on many parts of your face, it makes you look well-coordinated rather than patchy.

To Get Michelle's Barely-there Makeup Look

First look for a good foundation and concealer. Her skin is very smooth and has very little pores, so you want to make your complexion look bright and blemish free. Next, apply pressed powder. Once you have done this, simply a pply a light layer of eyeliner around your eyes, a few coats of mascara, and a dark lipstick. When you are pale, a little color goes a long way!

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