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Metal Single Review: "Petrichor" by Disconnected Souls

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Disconnected Souls' Petrichor heaves with primal energy, expressing the beauty and power inherent in nature. Harp notes descend in a gentle pattern before ferocious, jagged synth bass thunders along with heavy drums.

A lashing guitar rips into the music while a hollow, airy arpeggio flows and a string section full of passionate emotion cries out. Open synth trickles and the vast, harsh weight of beat, bass and guitar move while the violin calls out. Piano flows in as Holly Royle’s reverent, ghostly voice adds drama over the delicate strings.

Elevated pipe-like synth adds its own open voice and the strings express a sense of loss and the piano wanders, light notes roaming. The strings sing their own luscious and touching melody as Holly Royle’s voice trembles, metallic chimes shimmer and the notes of a koto add their own unique voice.

This song has layers and nuance as the strings, pan flute and wandering piano notes add mournful qualities below the spectral vocals. The music fades out on fragile piano and bass depth while the chimes glitter and a nervous string flow falls silent.

The message of the song is simple and clear. The narrator says that she will stand with Gaia “as she screams ‘fire burn with me.’” She calls on everyone to get in touch with nature and “feel the Earth beneath your feet. Feel the air, let it breathe.”

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