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Metal Single Review: "Mercurial Inventions" by Fight The Tornado

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Artwork for the metal single "Mercurial Inventions," by Fight The Tornado.

Artwork for the metal single "Mercurial Inventions," by Fight The Tornado.

I will admit right up front that I don’t know much about metal as a genre (which is odd given how many synthwave artists have metal backgrounds). What I do know is that I quite enjoyed Fight the Tornado’s single, "Mercurial Inventions." Fight The Tornado is a project by U.K. based musician Jonny Young along with his collaborator Lindzi North. It’s a lyrically dense song with thunderous guitars, powerful vocals and a few moments of electronic keyboard drift and flow that add to the richness of the final result.

Single Review: "Mercurial Inventions"

The first thing I’ll mention is the vocal performances on this track. Lindzi North has a strong, evocative voice and when it comes to aggression and power, Jonny Young definitely adds that in ample amounts, as well as less harsh vocals that sound crisp. There’s also a lovely passage where both singers voices intertwine and intermingle powerfully.

I was enamoured of the subtle use of electronic elements on Mercurial Inventions. Dark swells of sound and flickering chimes open the track and there’s a moment where that electronic swirl and drift underpins the thunder of the guitars which creates a good sonic contrast in that segment.

Jonny Young creates a powerful, hammering wall of sound with his guitar playing. There is real thunder here and a particularly nice passage where the guitars climb triumphantly through the track to deliver their forceful howl to the listener in emphatic style. I liked the heft and weight of the guitar sounds on the track.

The lyrical strength of the song is undeniable. There’s a strong message to the words as they speak of an extremely self-destructive and damaging person. The song talks of someone “destined to create” their own future but “there’s no control, no way out/isolated in here/you’re spiraling further down” as “dark machinations” cause psychological corruption and the lines between what’s right and wrong are blurred.

The song mentions “mercurial inventions, something you just can’t contain” and asks what they mean. The lyrics question, "Were you meant to belong or meant to fade away?”

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The words ask “do you allow your creations to consume everything that you thought was real?/do you manipulate your creations or will they assimilate you?” They talk of the delusions created by the song’s subject and query whether or not that person can break free before they are consumed totally in those delusions.

Ultimately the song pleads with the person being addressed to take the time and “observe the damage you have done” in order to change the course of what they’ve set into motion. It asks the person being addressed to see things from another perspective, to “empathize and dissipate the haze” and to “take control of your future now."

I enjoyed the lyrical and musical tapestry woven by Fight the Tornado on Mercurial Inventions. There’s lots of meat on the bones of this song and it bodes well for the band’s upcoming full-length album.

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