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Metal Single Review: "Approaching the Relay" by Fight The Tornado

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Fight The Tornado’s Approaching The Relay is intense, driven and oozing with power. It begins as a hollow, deep sonic pulse is joined by strummed, textural guitars that carry a melodic line rich with melancholy. Jonny Young’s guitar hurts and aches before it cries out with rougher, sharper edges. His guitar wheels up above the growling, angular sounds below it, twirling as it howls. The solo descends in a minor key line before the gentler surrounding guitar intertwines underneath it to form a rich base.

Glimmering synth rises in an elevated, delicate line before the hard-edged, gruff guitar moves again in a surging pattern. Drums shape and propel the track underneath the ferocity bound up in the guitar’s cascading notes. There’s a break into a slowly oscillating synth pattern as the controlled aggression of the guitars forms a dense sonic tapestry before fading away.

© 2021 Karl Magi

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