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Mercury in Scorpio Characteristics

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Once Mercury enters Scorpio on the twenty-ninth of September, it might start becoming hard to express how you really feel. Scorpio is mystery-laden and it is hard to truly express complex emotions. When you are born at a time that Scorpio is in Mercury, you will love getting to the very core of things and happen to be quite good at it. Scorpio Mercury is unafraid of going where other people fear and are quite talented at seeing the truth. They may come across as negative and suspicious and they hate superficiality.

Null and Void

Astrology of old times reveal that when Mercury was in a water element it was considered to be void due to the combined feeling of talking and feeling being like speaking and crying at the same time. A person born when Mercury was in Scorpio would be interested in healing arts, metaphysics and psychology.


Don't be surprised at the passion that comes from a person born when Mercury entered Scorpio. All about strategy, they work by instinct and are very smart. Passionate by nature, most folks are surprised to hear the passion when these people communicate.


There is a loyalty and intensity that other people tend to notice with Scorpio mercury. It is not hard to see why people either hate or love them. They like paranormal,mystical subjects and have a tendency towards art as well.


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They are loyal to those they love and to their last breath, will defend people they care about. Great at keeping secrets, Mercury Scorpio is also a great motivator. They make great researchers, investigators and detectives. They love intrigue and mystery. They love figuring out what makes others tick and can sometimes say exactly what they think, thus being perceived as tactless. Tenacious, stubborn and sharp, it can be hard for these people to be objective as they may be prejudiced by their emotions.

Strong Will

Scorpio Mercury people are known to be determined and strong willed when it comes to achieving their goals. They tend to investigate first before jumping into anything that will require their time and effort. People who are born under Scorpio Mercury are usually meticulous when it comes to details, which is why they prefer working with people who can give them accurate results.


On the other hand, they are also known to have tempers that are bad. They easily get jealous with everyone around them, especially when it comes to their partners. When mad, they can become sarcastic and bitter to their enemies, which is of course a bad trait. If you plan to analyze a Scorpio then think twice because they don't like being analyzed.

Scorpio Mercury Compatibilities

If you have noticed that you tend to be attracted to certain people more than others, it may all have to do with the location of Mercury when you were born. Knowing which signs you are compatible with will save you the trouble of having to go through conflict early in the relationship. Do you know where your Mercury is? If it was in Scorpio, here are the Mercury signs you are compatible with.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Leo Mercury may be good because of their sexual desires for each other. Unfortunately Leo Mercury will get tired of the relationship because Scorpio Mercury is always jealous and too possessive about their relationship. But with love, Leo will start understanding Scorpio which will create a good union for both of them. Marriage may be good for the both of them.

The Scorpio Mercury and Aries Mercury combination may be good when it comes to sex, but problems along the way me ruin the relationship that they already built. Both the Scorpio and Aries Mercuries has the passion for independence, which is typically good in a relationship. Disagreements in the future may cause them to fall apart. Typically this combination is not as stable as the others. Marriage is not ideal for this combination.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Cancer Mercury will be good because Scorpio can give the security that the Cancer needs in a relationship. The strength of Scorpio will make Cancer long for him, while Scorpio will rely on Cancer's emotional strengths. Scorpio is the passionate one when it comes to sex, while Cancer will be in charge of the emotional affects. Marriage is typically deal for the both of them.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Libra Mercury is not ideal because of the bog differences that they have. Scorpio may be too careless in bed, which will hurt Libra. This may lead to Libra cheating on his partner. Marriage is typically not ideal for the both of them.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Taurus Mercury will be on fire because they are both sexually active. On the other hand both of them are very stubborn when it comes to a lot of things. This can cause conflicts for the both of them in the long run. Marriage may be possible for as long as they can tolerate and understand each other.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Capricorn Mercury is successful because of their matching traits. Scorpio is possessive, which will be enjoyed by Capricorn as this tells him that Scorpio can help him be secured. Both of them are known to have a strong will when it comes to a lot of things. But Capricorn may notice that Scorpio tends to dominate more. This is because of Scorpio's love and affection for the Capricorn. Marriage will be successful for this combination.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Gemini Mercury may not last because of their too may different traits. Scorpio will try to live on her own beliefs, while Gemini believes that it is important to explore and know more about his surroundings. Marriage may not last because the relationship will be full of doubts.

The Scorpio Mercury and Virgo Mercury combination may be good because of a lot of traits that they have in common. Unfortunately both of them doesn't have the passion for sex, which is why they tend to have a dull relationship. This combination is more ideal to be friends, rather than enter the married life together.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury with another Scorpio Mercury may not be ideal. They will both possess each other, which can be an irritating trait for both of them. They will try to dominate one after the other, which may cause problems in the long run. Marriage should be avoided by this combination.

The Scorpio Mercury and Sagittarius Mercury combination is not ideal because they are not compatible with each others' traits. Scorpio will try to dominate Sagittarius, but she will fail be because of the stubborn trait of the Sagittarius. When it comes to sex, they may be compatible but that would be all. Marriage will typically turn out to be unsuccessful.

The Scorpio Mercury and Aquarius Mercury combination may be good when it comes to sex. But after quite some time, Aquarius will get tired of Scorpio because of her possessiveness and jealousy. Marriage is not ideal for both of them because sex may only be the reason why they are still together.

The combination of Scorpio Mercury and Pisces Mercury will be nice because they are so attracted with each other. Pisces will let Scorpio decide about major decisions in their relationship, which will be appreciated by Scorpio. A marriage that is successful and happy will be possessed by this combination.

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