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Memorable Sitcom Episodes Involving Horse Racing

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The Clampetts Made a Racer Out of a Gift Horse from Mr. Drysdale


Not only is the Republican party split at the federal level, but it also has revealed division in state governments. The most recent example of the gap in the GOP is in Kentucky, where the Republican-dominated legislature tackled the issue of Historical Horseracing Machines.

Created as an alternative to actual horseracing sites shut down by the COVID-19, these HHMs resemble slot machines. Portions of the commonwealth's Republicans advocated for the passage of a bill to legalize the devices, which they say would help compensate for the revenue lost by the stoppage of the actual horse races.

More conservative senators and representatives oppose the bill, citing several reasons. One faction deems it for moral reasons, fearing the legalization will increase the gambling cases of gambling addiction.

Another segment of the opponents have expressed worry about the HHMs permanently replacing the racing venues, thereby depriving the bluegrass state of one of its most traditional and monetarily trademarks. They encourage Governor Andy Beshear and the state legislature work on other ways to keep Kentucky solvent, even beyond the pandemic.

In spite of the opposition, the state legislature approved the bill last week. Now I propose a topic that both sides will approve, which is a list of the best horse racing episodes among classic TV sitcoms.

1. Sanford and Son

Famous Shakespearean quote “My Kingdom for a Horse” serves as the title, as Fred (portrayed by Redd Foxx) purchases what he hopes to turn into a champion at the tracks.

2. The Simpsons

In “Saddlesore Gallactica”, Bart believes that an equine named Duncan could be developed into a great racer.

3. That Girl

After learning that a racer is named after model-actress Ann, boyfriend Don (portrayed by ted Bessel) places a bet on it at the track in “Two for the Money.”

4. Seinfeld

“The Subway” episode involves Kramer (portrayed by Michael Richards) having just paid a parking fine, overhearing a tip on a horse and placing a bet at the track.

5. Married With Children

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Al Bundy (portrayed by Ed O' Neill) finally enjoys some good luck by winning $2,100 on a horse in “Father Lode”, only to spend the rest of the episode trying to hide it from Peg, Bud and “the girl.”

6. Two and a Half Men

“Mr. Glue's Feedbag” proceeds as Jake (portrayed by Angus Jones) overcomes impossible odds to pocket a thousand bucks at the track, which Alan (portrayed by Jon Cryer) insists he put in a non-existent college fund.

7. Will and Grace

Hoping to earn money by studding, Karen (portrayed by Megan Mulally) purchases a horse in “Whoa Nelly.”

8. The Golden Girls

“All Bets Are Off” as Rose (portrayed by Betty White) persuades Dorothy (portrayed by Beatrice Arthur) to take her to see a horse race, unaware that the atmosphere would cause the latter's gambling addiction to return.

9. The Beverly Hillbillies

An expensive trotter horse is given to the Clampetts by Mr. Drysdale, but Granny (portrayed by Irene Ryan) soon turns it into a potential derby participant.

10. The Monkees

The musical quartet find a sturdy steed just outside their apartment and, in order for its young owner to keep it, Davy races it against a proven champion in “Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth.”

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