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Memorable Claymore Characters: My Top 10

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Best Claymore Characters

As I finished watching the anime, I still couldn't believe it is over. I wanted more of it because it was such a good anime. Throughout the anime, I felt for some characters and their past. I am going to include my list of top 10 characters that made the anime for what it was.

1) Teresa

There is no doubt that this woman made the reason we get this anime. Clare is embodied with her flesh and blood after her death. She is the reigning number one during Priscilla's era. Teresa of the faint smile can kill Yoma like it is nobody's business. She starts out pretty cold and emotionless, but deep down inside, she yearns to feel like a human again. Clare actually showed her that she can feel that human side of herself. However, she loses her sharpness in battle, which ended sadly after the battle with the Priscilla and the top Claymores.

Tribute to Teresa: The Number 1 Claymore

2) Clare

Being the main protagonist of the story, she is quite a reckless fighter. Clare shares the same loneliness that Theresa feels. Clare is a very determined, strong-willed and thoughtful person. She might be cold on the outside, but deep down inside she cares for her comrades. Throughout the series she grows to become a powerful claymore. Being ranked at number 47 at the start of the anime, she gains the necessary skills along the way to find Priscilla and eventually defeating her, only to be stopped by loli boy Raki.

3) Rigardo

Dubbed as the "Silver-Eyed Lion King", he is the second hand man of Isley. He is one hell of a scary character. He appeared in the Invasion of Pieta and single-handedly destroyed the leaders of Miria's invasion team. Poor Flora was sliced by a finger. Jean got impaled, Undine and Veronica got sliced into half. Miria almost died if it wasn't for Clare's last minute intervention. He actually was the reigning number 2 male claymore warrior and actually lost to Isley. Deep down inside he actually hates the fact that he is number 2 to Isley. He also lives for battle, which is detailed during his fight with Clare when her legs awakened. He died to the hands of Clare, although he does praise Clare's dogged and determined fighting skills before his death.

4) Helen

I think Claymore's only comedy and light-hearted scenes come when Helene. She is the chirpy and crude character of the team. She likes to taunt other warriors. She came off as a cocky and rude when Clare met her. However, after the first battle with the awakened being, she became a much more memorable character. Together with Miria, Deneve her side kick and Clare, they form an inseparable bond. Most other claymores are usually very pessimistic, but she is the most optimistic one out of the groups. Nothing seems to bother her as much. She is definitely the most nonchalant character in the anime.

5) Irene

"Quicksword Irene" was one of the four claymores assigned to kill Theresa after she disobeyed the organization. Fortunately, she survived the skirmish when Priscilla awakened. Left with only 1 hand, she hid her yoki so that the organization could not find her. I was actually really sad when she got caught by Rafeala after donating her arm as a parting gift for Clare. She probably died after that. They didn't show what happened to her, but I bet she probably would still be alive if we get Claymore season 2.

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6) Miria

Given the nickname "Phantom Miria", she is a quick character that can create illusions. She is calm and composed, traits that you can find in a good leader. I personally think she is the smartest character in the anime. Being 1 of the 4 misfits of the organization, she tries to find evidence on the organization and what they do to cover up their evil deeds. Luckily, she was saved by Clare during the battle with Rigardo. Otherwise, I would have been left with a sour taste if she had died to Rigardo.

7) Jean

Jean possesses an incredibly strong will. She was badly tortured in her battle with Dauf, who was under the supervision of Riful, the first number 1 of the female claymores that awakened. During the battle, she fully awakened, but her human mind pushed her back enough to revert back to human with the help of Clare. Since that, she tags along as Clare's sidekick. I like her special ability. She can twist her arm and unleash a drill like attack on her enemies. It reminds me of Hayato of Shin Getter Robo. Drill your enemy to oblivion!

8) Ophelia

Although I don't like her, she is quite an interesting character. I find her an absolutely crazy claymore. She likes to play games and torture fellow claymores. Who does that? Clare probably would have died to her multiple times, but thanks to Irene and the surface of the water, she survived and killed Ophelia. Ophelia is insanely powerful though. Her rippling sword is quite a dangerous skill, although it is still weaker than Irene's quicksword technique. Her mind playing games are what makes it to my list as she definitely gave me some thoughts of a psycho woman.

9) Galatea

Galatea is a psychic genius when in comes to sensing yoki. She can sense people from far away, as shown in the battle of the male awakened being during Clare, Miria, Deneve and Helen's fight. I like her ability. She can slightly tweak an enemies yoki, altering their movements. She was actually touched by what Clare did to fight Priscilla and also helped Clare along the way. Together with the 4 misfits, she defied the organizations orders and let Clare and Jean off after the fight with Dauf.

10) Priscilla

My, my, Priscilla the main villain of the anime. I was actually quite disturbed when I saw the scene where she sliced off Teresa's head. I think I have only ever watched that scene once, because I couldn't see Teresa die like that. I don't like her, but we won't get this awesome anime if she didn't kill Teresa. She also has quite a bratty personality. Her skills are extremely good and it is comparable to Teresa. I am sure the manga does go into detail about her which we did not get to see from the anime.

Claymore Characters Conclusion

There we have it! The top 10 claymore characters of mine is out. I wanted to put Raki in there, but most Claymore fans hate him. However, if it was not for him, Claymore's hope of season 2 would probably be impossible. But since he stopped Clare from killing Priscilla, we might get season 2 somewhere down the line! Don't hate Raki guys, he makes our dreams come true!

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Gia on February 17, 2019:

I think pricilla should be kinda higher on this list... even though she killed teresa

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on May 22, 2013:

Claymore was a spectacular series, I was upset by the abrupt, cut off ending. I think it should continue into future seasons. One of the coolest things about it is the complexity of the characters and the amount of sympathy the viewer is compelled to feel for them.

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