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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: ‘greater Than Any Fairy-Tale You’ve Ever Read…’

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Meghan in Fiji

Meghan in Fiji

Meghan the Duchess of Sussex compares herself to Ariel, a fictional character in a Disney animated movie: a mermaid who gives up her life in the ocean and her voice to be with a prince who doesn’t even know her! The nasty witch Ursula makes a deal with Ariel. In the end Ariel gets her prince and her voice back and everyone lives happily ever after…

Meghan exclaims she has her voice back! Indeed! however, I am not sure she ever lost it in the first place. Looking back, it seems her voice has been loud and clear for some time…

October 2019, their documentary: An African Journey which completely over shadowed the actual Africa journey and everything that the journey was supposed to be about. Young girls and women, the difficulties they face, education, mental health, children’s workshops, meals for schools, women with HIV, sexual violence and so much more all but forgotten by the dominating documentary of how Meghan hadn’t been asked if she, was ok! And in her own words:

“It’s not enough to survive, you’ve got to thrive”. And that is what Meghan took from their journey to Africa. Amid all the poverty, death and abuse, the hardships young women face daily to survive and the desire to be educated, Meghan makes this journey about her. Harry jumps on Meghan’s band waggon all to easily and seems to be enjoying the ride.

January 2020, a book which contains surprisingly personal information considering the royal couple never engaged with the authors hits the shelves: Finding Freedom. Indeed, a peculiar book and oddly laid out and a bit confusing to read. It is hard to comprehend such intricate details of any couple let alone a royal, famous, newly married couple without any collaboration from them, but apparently it is so, including Meghan’s favourite yoga pose before breakfast!

March 2021, the ‘Queen of the talk shows’ An Oprah Winfrey Interview: 120 minutes of conversation and promises of more to come. Indeed, Meghan’s voice is loud and clear and Harry is rather loud too. They have plenty to say and there is a lot of vocabulary and pointing of the finger and accusations but there is a lot missing too. Who did what? Said what? Who are these people exactly? Surely if you are going to open your heart and spill your guts for the whole wide world to see, you must put a name to the shame of the sins committed against you. Calling the firm toxic and yet not one name is mentioned apart from: Waity Kate, who made Meghan cry and not the other way around as the media had claimed. Who are these individuals in this institute? Royals? Staff? Friends? Extended Family? Who?

It is astounding to hear Meghan say she didn’t want to be alive. A newly wed, pregnant with her first child, should be ecstatic, embracing the future with gusto. The stress and strain and lack of support from the Royals had her at rock bottom. Why did Harry not help, he himself had therapy after his beloved Mother, Diana, The Princess of Wales died! It is distressing to think she had to suffer alone. It is distressing and upsetting for anyone to face the world each day feeling suicidal. Meghan Markle is an intelligent woman and married Harry when she was almost thirty-seven years old having been married and divorced before and having been an actress for circa fifteen years. One would think she would have known her own abilities, being so driven and having experienced numerous public platforms with concerns she already supported. Being royal is not the same as being famous: Telling Oprah and the World that she was suicidal is distressing to hear, it is a wonder that Harry couldn’t help her. I hope she is in a better mental health state at present and that she will recover with the support of her husband.

November 2019 the couple headed to Vancouver for Christmas after 18 months of marriage with their six-month-old baby (who hasn’t seen his British family since) by January 2020 they announced stepping down as senior Royals.

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Harry and Meghan are given a year to find their feet and follow their hearts. They found their feet pretty quickly and followed their hearts buying an 11-million-pound mansion in Montecito, California funnily enough around the corner from Oprah. This beautiful multi-million-pound home provides them with sixteen bathrooms and nine bedrooms and a sweet little Chick Inn for Archie’s rescued chickens established in 2021. Meghan claimed she and Harry want to ‘live authentically’ and get back ‘down to basics’ and perhaps the chicken coop is the beginning of something much more to come.

Harry who said he is not speaking with his father, the Prince of Wales at the moment but hopes to build on their relationship states how he felt trapped but didn’t know it until he met Meghan. He states he has compassion for his father and his brother Prince William, who are also trapped within the toxic institution. Harry and Meghan hadn’t planned to sign multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify but his family cut him off financially and he needed the money to pay for security and presumably his 11 million pound mansion, his private jets and his wives’ love of expensive clothes and jewellery even though it has been said she has received rather a lot of gifts including earrings worth a staggering 500,000 pounds from Saudi Crown Prince-Mohammed Bin Salman worn at a formal dinner in Fiji in October 2018 – 3 weeks after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

The earrings worn again at Price Charles 70th birthday party.

Lawyers for the Duchess advised that she said they were borrowed but denied she had misled anyone about their provenance. She was unware of the news surrounding Khashoggi.

Going back to the chicken coop: Meghan astounds by revealing they couple had gotten married three days before the royal wedding (the 32-million-pound royal wedding). There is something very odd about this disclosure: just the two of them and the Archbishop of Canterbury in their garden? In-fact there are rather a few: where are the two must have witnesses? A legally married couple cannot marry again, not in the eyes of the Church of England! And how can anyone object, the public must have unrestricted access to the building to put forward any possible valid objections. The Church of England has strict rules. Meghan declares the royal wedding was a spectacle for the world and not their day, but why have a royal wedding of such magnitude if all you wanted was a private union between yourselves? The British public would had understood and 32 million pounds could have been used elsewhere. Donated to foodbanks perhaps or poor children or even the homeless. After all the only family member present was her mother so it’s not like they needed such a big church. It is a pondering declaration. I do wonder of Harry and Meghan and their lack of awareness. They seem oblivious to all they have and only dwell on what they have lost, their patronages. This loss has hurt Harry but he insists he respects the Queens decision. And Meghan believes her son Archie lost the right to be a prince. That is not true. Archie would have been entitled to be called Earl of Dumbarton or Lord Archie Mountbatten-Windsor but never Prince Archie not until Prince Charles exceeds the throne. Those rules were set out more than 100 years ago by George V. Harry should have known that! It seems they decided that Archie not being entitled to being a prince would neither be an Earl nor a Lord.

Meghan drops another bombshell when she tells Oprah that a senior royal was concerned about the colour of Archie’s skin and how dark he might be. Harry reveals that in-fact it was a conversation that happened before they were even married, and Meghan wasn’t actually there in person, yet they won’t reveal the name of said racist. They believed it would be damaging to that person! They are outraged and with very obvious reason but why shield someone who has hurt you in such a despicable and disgraceful way. Who said such a terrible thing? The world needs to know. You are telling the world about being bullied, subjected to racism and not being protected. Use your found voice Meghan! Who said it?

Meghan has complained about her family speaking to the press about her. Why would she repeat the very same action that hurt her so much? Why do such an interview if your mental health has been so affected and Harry’s too, and being pregnant. There is a lot of resentment through-out this interview, a lot of hatred and that is very sad for everyone.

Both Harry and Meghan have insisted all they want is privacy, to live authentically and get back to basics to thrive not simply survive. While Covid-19 ransacks the world and families are thorn a-part by death, illness, suicide, abuse in the home, financial problems and so much more. And here we have Harry and Meghan sitting on a sun-drenched terrace surrounded by lush greenery and pretty flower pots chatting to their friend and neighbour Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire American talk show host about the intimacies within their family, airing their dirty linen for all the world to see. Meghan declares they have lost so much already: Poor Archie not being a prince; no more senior royal security funding; lost patronages; paying back the public funding for Frogmore House…

The couple claims they have only ever wanted privacy and in the same breath they declare to Oprah (Winfree!) during a globally broadcast interview that they are expecting a girl this summer. Many congratulations to you both.

In the end of the Disney movie, Ariel got her voice back and she got her prince and Ursula the wicked witch didn’t win. Meghan declares Harry and her love story as ‘greater than any fairy-tale you have ever read’. I don’t know about your fairy-tale being the greatest I have ever read Meghan but it certainly is one hell of a story. And I do just wonder - who is Ursula? Or don’t you want to tell?

© 2021 Gabriel Wilson

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