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Megan Fox in Figure Hugging Fashion and High Heels

Megan Fox has sexy legs and loves to wear towering high heels. She accentuates her sexy legs by wearing stilettos, high heel pumps or high heel sandals. She is one of the most popular celebrities in entertainment these days. She has appeared in a hand full of movies, notably the Transformer franchise, which has brought her stardom from many young men eager to see her beauty on screen.

Fox is one of the prettiest and sexiest stars making the rounds these days. She is tall and curvy with arresting eyes and long gorgeous brunette hair. Perhaps her most arresting feature is her long and shapely legs that she displays in a variety of tight fitting jeans, short dresses and skirts and accentuated with sexy and sometimes funky high heels.

Fox certainly knows how to dress to impress. Unlike many stars, she seems to embrace her hotness and understands that her looks is what has gotten her this far to the Hollywood party. She has mentioned in interviews that she hopes to change peoples perception of her as simply a pretty face as she continues to work and hopefully obtain more serious work during her career. She is typically seen well-dressed in stylish outfits and high heels that do a nice job of showing off her best features. She loves the towering high heels and revealing her sexy legs when appropriate.

Her style on the red carpet and other premieres typically have her wearing skin baring dresses and very tall high heels. She typically shows off as much of her sexy legs as she can with short hemlines or daring slits in her dresses.Her high heels make her legs appear more toned and shapely. Megan Fox legs in high heels are always an interesting fashion style on the red carpet.

Unfortunately we haven't seen her much on TV or in the movies. She has presumably been occupied with taking care of her young family. I hope that we see her back on the big screen at some time which will necessarily pull her back onto the event carpet and making appearances on the talk shows. I like her personality and think she could be a fine actress. She definitely has the style to be a welcome addition on the red carpet.

She did make a nice comeback back in 2014 in the newly resurrected Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Megan appeared in the sequel which should be released in 2016 title TMNT: Out of the Shadows.

Megan Fox in a short dress and sky high heels

Megan Fox in a short dress and sky high heels

Megan Fox Sexy Legs on Tonight Show


celebritie on April 28, 2011:

Wow megan fox is sexy in high heels

Maxvon from U.K. on March 11, 2010:

I don't agree here - I think her legs look a bit strange - you can overdo it. She's nice but I've seen more attractive girls in my local supermarket. Best wishes, Max.

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