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MechaGodzilla Vs Optimus Prime

When Giant Robots Collide

Welcome! Today in Fantasy Fight, the classic Godzilla foe, MechaGodzilla, battles the hero of the Transformer series, Optimus Prime. Which colossal combatant can pulverize the other? Today we analyze their abilities, skills, and strategies to decide who will emerge victorious!

Note: Several Godzilla timelines exist, each with their own take on the characters. For our purposes, we're using the very first MechaGodzilla from the 1974 film "Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla." Spoilers for this classic movie ahead.

History and Analysis: MechaGodzilla

MechaGodzilla originates from a sinister group of extraterrestrials called the "Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens." Hey, it was 1974, the name could have been worse. Regardless, the ruthless aliens not only constructed the deadly robot, but disguised him as the real Godzilla and ordered him to attack Japan. Thanks to the deception, citizens believed Godzilla (who in this series normally defended Earth) had gone berserk. Fellow monster Anguirus wasn't fooled, but failed to defeat the fake. Eventually, Godzilla himself had to take down his mechanical imitator. And if he hadn't received help during this fight (ally King Cesar assisted, as well as newly found control over magnetism), MechaGodzilla would have killed his biotic counterpart.


  1. Strength/Durability. MechaGodzilla shows incredibly physical power by defeating Anguirus while disguised. To maintain his deception, MechaGodzilla refrained from attacking with anything other than brute force, and still easily won. MechaGodzilla can take a hit as well as he can give, thanks to his powerful armor, which is also capable of space travel. Want to guess the name of the mysterious and powerful material the aliens used to construct MechaGodzilla? Space Titanium. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Well, at least there's no Space Godzil - You've gotta be kidding me.

Anyway, MechaGodzilla's further abilities include:

  1. Flight. Built into MechaGodzilla's design are jets that enable him to fly at astounding speeds (up to Mach 5.) Must be pretty strong to lift a 40,000 ton robot.
  2. Arsenal. Now we're talking. MechaGodzilla comes equipped with an optic blast equal in power to Godzilla's classic atomic breath, a forcefield generator, missiles located in its fingers, feet, and knees, and an orange beam fired from the chest that can level mountains,
  3. Rotation. To guard against attack from all directions, MechaGodzilla can rotate its head 360 degrees. This allows it to fire missiles with one side of its body while shooting optic blasts from another.
  4. Size. As tall as Godzilla, the giant MechaGodzilla looms over most mountains.


  1. No Independence. Since MechaGodzilla is controlled by aliens, it's not shown to have any cognitive thinking ability, and would be helpless without operators.
  2. Magnetism. MechaGodzilla isn't really weak to magnetism per se, but its body can be pulled by magnetic forces. Guess space titanium still counts as a metal.
  3. Size. Mechagodzilla's formidable size lets it shrug off many attacks, but it also makes for an easy target.

This extraterrestrial's arsenal may exceed even Godzilla's power, but is it enough to defeat the heroic Optimus Prime?

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History and Analysis: Optimus Prime

Like MechaGodzilla, Optimus Prime's origins vary depending on which source you consult. In the classic tv cartoon, Optimus was a simple and peaceful robot named Orion on a planet far from Earth. He even had a girlfriend (apparently, robots date.) Sadly, Orion's planet was invaded by the evil robot Decepticons, who were searching for a new energy source. Badly wounded, Orion eventually came across the ancient Autobot Alpha Trion, who restructured the natives into deadly combatants. Orion became Optimus Prime, the powerful leader of the Autobots. Optimus, along with several allies, left his home planet to seek new energy sources to restore his home planet. Their space vessel was attacked by Decepticons, and both parties ended up crashing landing on Earth, where their battle continues. No matter which continuity you look at, Optimus remains a strong and compassionate leader who values freedom above all else.


  1. Strength. Even for a large robot, Optimus packs a powerful punch. We see him lift other huge objects and robots on several occasions.
  2. Ion Blaster. Optimus carries a large gun capable of firing powerful ion blasts.
  3. Energon Axe. Though rarely used, this weapon allows for extra distance and offensive force in close quarters. Imagine a lightsaber's beam shaped as an axe, make it big enough for Optimus, and you arrive at this impressive weapon.
  4. Rebuildable. Even if Optimus's body is destroyed, as long as his 'spark' (the lifeforce of robots) remains intact, a new structure can be built around him, restoring life.
  5. Sentient. Optimus requires no controllers to give him orders, and can think for himself.


  1. Self-Sacrificing. When given the choice, Optimus will place a human or comrade's life over his own. While this trait may be noble, it tends to get Optimus destroyed.

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Each combatant will fight in a one-on-one match until one is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. MechaGozilla will receive no aid, but is assumed to be operated so it can function. For the setting, imagine deserted barren wasteland, devoid of life save for our contestants. And now, for all fans, Fantasy Fight!

And The Winner Is..

MechaGodzilla. A lot of this comes down to size. Both combatants are large, but Optimus Prime is only a little over 20 feet tall while MechaGodzilla is as tall as many skyscrapers. Still, Optimus seems more agile, and a couple good strikes from his Energon Axe may have saved him. However, considering MechaGodzilla's ability to fly, as well as his rotating head, it's unlikely Optimus would land such attacks before being blown away by missiles and lasers. Or just stepped on. Our winner is MechaGodzilla. Thanks for reading, and if you'd like another mechanical match, check out Iron Man Vs Cyborg!

MechaGodzilla. All he really wants is a hug.

MechaGodzilla. All he really wants is a hug.


Sara Johnson from United States on September 18, 2015:

Optimus Prime WILL find a way to win this one lol. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. Nice comparison, btw.

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