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BTS: Permission to Dance Song Meaning

Ayesha Khan is a chemical engineer by profession. She loves traveling, solitude, reading books, and writing & also a BTS fan.

BTS is known by different names in South Korea. Bangtan Soneyodan, bulletproof boy scout, the global ambassador, special envoy to the president of South Korea are all the names of BTS. BTS is that ace who does their best in everything, whether it is singing, dancing, or branding. In July 2021, BTS released another English single after Dynamite and Butter. After its release, it shattered all of their previous English single sales records. It topped not only the South Korean billboard charts but also the global billboard charts.BTS's presence is so vast that everyone gives them love and respect. This is the only song that has been performed at the UN General Assembly.

What is the meaning of PTD (Permission To Dance):

PTD means permission to dance, but it is also permitted to do everything you want, whether it is a new hobby, a new skill, or eliminating your worry and fear. You don't need anyone's permission or approval for yourself. You only need the courage to stand back up again on your own. Just don't lose hope and don't let negativity stand in your path. If there is a negative, you can change it into a positive with the help of your courage and power. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. You simply have to believe in yourself because only you know how to overcome the obstacle and make things right. No one can help you make things right. Others can give you suggestions, but it is only you who can motivate your heart to do things right. They released this single when it became the motivational anthem for most people at the time of the COVID-19 peak. At times of downfall and depression, your faith is your biggest friend. Having faith in yourself and having the courage to stand after a fall is the biggest victory. Have faith that things will be better. You should keep trying to make things better. Never stop trying and try until the end, because trying is the only thing that makes things right. You just need to keep your attitude right and positive and always think about the goal you want to achieve. Don't feel down if things aren't happening as you wish. Just keep going. Don't stop yourself if no one is appreciating you and your dreams because you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Only you know you're worthy, and this is the biggest success. Keep your thoughts positive, your body language positive, and maintain good thoughts even in times of downfall. In the end, your success will reflect your hardship, your struggle, and your courage in the world and also guide others.

Meaning of Purple Balloons in Permission To Dance:

Purple is the last color of the rainbow purple Balloons show that life is hard but it is not the end. We can stand up from the setbacks. We can again fly like balloons again after falling from the sky. Purple colors have a variety of effects on the mind and body, including uplifting spirits, calming the mind and nerves, enhancing the sacred, creating feelings of spirituality, increasing nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, and encouraging imagination and creativity. Purple balloons mean that after every darkness there is brightness just you have to wait for that brightness with patience, hard work, and with self-confidence. Keep the right vibe and self-confidence. You will succeed in every test and hardship. You know how to stand up back when you will fall on the ground.

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Point To Remember:

  1. Don't let yourself down.
  2. Have the courage to do the things you want.
  3. Love is the main thing that keeps everything alive.
  4. Don't let your disability ruin your life. You can go and can make your disability your power.
  5. Don't let depression and negativity prevail over you.

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