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Me You Madness: Catherine Black from my POV

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Movies come as a fun activity to most of us plus me, but i explore just a bit further some times.


Where to begin?

The movie, ‘Me You Madness’ was released in February 2021 and some say it was Louise Linton’s Valentine gift to herself as this movie was her directional debut.

So far, this movie has had a critical reception among famed movie critics and members of the audience yet there are still a couple of others that believe this comedy is worth watching and give good ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

I will be sharing my point of view to this movie along with an extensive review of it, so if you have plans of watching this movie and hate spoilers, you might wanna back out now because it’s full of them.


The movie...

Me You Madness is a 98 minute movie, set in the luxury home of Catherine Black in Malibu. Catherine Black played by Louise Linton is a rich ruthless personality in the movie who has a very luxurious taste, an addiction for drugs, exercise and designer outfits, a very detailed lifestyle and a mental disorder she has developed a way to cover up from everyone even her own therapist.

Then there’s Tyler played by Ed Westwick, a petty thief, who responds to housesitting jobs online just to rob them blind eventually. We discover later he is actually pretty smart and a college dropout.

Tyler is also quite the smooth talker as well as sensitive and we could also attribute that to why she developed a soft spot for him eventually. There’s no one in his life apart from his friend, Chip self-renamed Chad.

A Woman's Tale

The timeline for this movie is less than 72 hours in which we journey through her weird relationship with Tyler. Catherine went from murderous to sensitive a lot and then Tyler bearing the brunt of it. Basically, it was a long weekend.

One of the reason’s I love this movie is that it doesn’t feel like a woman in a man’s world kind of story, as Catherine simply said at the start, it’s ‘a woman’s tale’ And for that reason, I’ll be focusing majorly on her.

Catherine might be a cold egomaniac but we see how smart she definitely is. It isn’t limited, we see it from her spider fun fact right at the beginning of the movie, her Q&A session with the nail technician, her fluency in Mandarin, her knowledge on movies, weapons and cars as well as her intellect on money from a very young age and stocks in the present day.

She is also the type to appreciate brilliance when she sees it; it’s one of the moments you easily get Catherine Black to smile. It can be seen when Tyler speaks on why she shouldn’t sell the stocks, she is also immensely impressed by the nail technician which she commends quite nicely after each correct answer.

Catherine is one seen to love her detailed lifestyle (down to the very temperature of her champagne); she likes order. This could be the secret to her successful business.

And whenever pattern seems to be broken, she loses control and that puts her on the edge, like the man at the gym who wouldn’t follow the rest of the class or when Tyler seemed to have been making her break her own rules.



Catherine isn’t one to take no for an answer, as she keeps pushing a wine glass towards Tyler till he takes it. And she wouldn’t stop arguing on whether it was a couch or sofa and on the right pronunciation of Van Gogh

She isn’t conventional about her approach to anything; life, money making, luxury, pleasure or even killing.

I like to think her Little Pony phone case shows a fun playful side to Catherine which is why she is actually interested in getting her nephew a thoughtful gift as well.

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It can be said that Catherine is scared of strong familiar emotions, which is why she chases Tyler away when he shows it to her. I mean she has an isolated lifestyle; she doesn’t even seem to stay with her grandma who she’s so “close” to or wit Hu Yan who she calls her girlfriend in that large house.

She’s hypocritical, in the sense that…She kills people who she sees as bad without thinking of herself and then feels she’s doing California a favor with its prison costs too. She eats people’s blood but gets sickened by hers.

Grey & Black

I have also picked up on some similarities in the movie to Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. Their names are similar from the letter C and then their last names placed as colors, Grey for Christian and Black for Catherine, which I’m guessing means that she is more depraved and darker in thoughts and actions than Christian actually is.

They are both mentally ill and look for distractions. For Christian, it was the sex and for Catherine, it’s more of the kill. While Christian can show you different ways to please a submissive, Catherine even gives tips on cutting up human flesh.

Just like Christian, Catherine also finds and keeps information of the men she has to deal with. As seen with Tyler and Chad. Catherine also has an impressive knowledge of wines and drinks just like Christian Grey.


Things to Clear Up

There are a couple of things not really correlating in the movie though. How can Catherine say she flies and Tyler translates that to her cutting him up? I mean her flying can mean she can fly a plane.

Another point to note is how Catherine can lift weights in the gym but couldn’t lift a dead man into her trunk, I mean was he really heavier than that?

Perfect Match?

I would say both Catherine and Tyler are quite the fit. They both love songs from the 80s (we see this in almost all if not every single song of the movie’s soundtrack) and have similar dance moves.

Both are smart in their own way, it almost seems their smarts compliments the other ones. They agree on certain issues like ‘why can’t men wear jewelry?’

Both parties are daring, it’s seen when he touches her after she warns him not to and then she cuts his hand with a broken wine glass. Both can give and take blows from each other. Literally.



Catherine reminds people to be kinder to one another, which is something to note as well.

One important thing about Tyler to note however is, his circumstances does shape him but not enough to kill his good qualities

There were some things left hanging at the end of the movie though. What was the back story for Catherine being the serial killer? For someone who loves herself so much, where are there no pictures of her in her home?

Got any ideas? Please do let me know.

The movie produced by Stormchaser Films, a company belonging to Linton and distributed by STX Entertainment

Do stream on Fandango, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV

Link to the Movie Trailer


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