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Marvelous Funkshun Plays at Dunedin Brewery

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Having gone on tour following The Grateful Dead and seeing more than 1,000 live shows from many, many artists, I love watching live music.


The show started around 9:30 p.m. as we made our way down Douglas Avenue to get a couple slices of pizza before getting to the show, albeit a bit late. The slices are always amazing, we can't help but get some every time we find ourselves on foot downtown, and this time they didn't disappoint either.

We arrived right before 10:00 p.m. to find we had missed out on, "Fire on the Mountain," and, "Hey Joe," covers along with one of their originals. However, we did walk in just in time for the opening to an awesome, "Franklin's Tower." We couldn't help but take note of their front man with the pedal steel guitar, and we knew we'd be in for a treat. But as soon as we got our beers and found a good spot to hang out for the music, they finished the first set and went on break.


The second set opened with a medley of classic rock instrumental covers into "Word Up," by Cameo. The band blends together Rock, Southern Soul and Funk for a truly elevated musical experience.

Drummer Camry Harris, also of Vessel of Honor and Travis Griggs and Friends, is insane; he made his 10pc kit sound on par with drummers using larger kits and had some of the best drumlines, rolls, and break beats I've heard without seeing a metronome.

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The band played an original track, "Rest my Bones" into "Deep Elem Blues" where everyone was given the opportunity to let loose and ample time for showcasing their instruments, styles, and techniques. I really enjoyed seeing the energy the band shared together and how they brought it full circle to the audience to experience through their music.

These guys continued their musical command with a great "Feeling Alright" cover into one of their own tracks, the name is escaping me at the time of writing this. They rounded off with a smoking hot "Shakedown Street" and that's about the time we got to taking off.

I don't know if they ended with Shakedown, but what we heard was awesome and I can only hope to see them back around in the near future. These guys brought the serious heat tonight and jammed our funky faces off, and I feel like if they put down a few more originals the next time around we could get sent to a Funkatronic space.

This was the last show on their Florida tour. I don't think it could have ended any better, everyone had an absolutely amazing time.


Another well-deserved shout-out goes to the staff, operators, and owners of Dunedin Brewery for their excellent venue and premier craft beer, food, and music. Is there ever in the Tampa Bay area, make the trip over to the oldest microbrewery in Florida for everything good in life.

Getting to share in all of this great music, great beer, and amazing food with an amazing woman tops the entire experience with the existential cherry; sharing in the experience while also making new memories to share for years to come.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed yourself and The Experience!


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