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Marvel Studios Loki Episode 1 Opinion and First Impressions

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Marvel Studios Loki in Disney Plus

Marvel Studios Loki in Disney Plus

Important Aspects

- This show is produced by Marvel Studios, written by Michael Waldron and directed by Kate Herron.

- This is the third Marvel Studios show that Disney Plus is featuring us, leaded by “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

- Tom Hiddleston is back to play Loki, and the great Owen Wilson is introduced to the MCU as Agent Mobius.

- This first episode has a durability of 52 minutes, enough time to enjoy.

Important Facts of Episode 1

The episode begins with the scene that will unleash all the chaos; the endgame scene in which due to the avengers' attempt to recover the tesseract, Loki manages to escape and thus alter the flow of time and this is how Loki becomes a variant and is arrested by the TVA, who are in charge of eliminate these disturbances in the flow of time (which are also referred to as a nexus disturbance). And that is why agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) is in charge of questioning Loki to try to understand why he does what he does and how his life is going to continue if he continues to act like this. This scene seemed extremely interesting to me because they explain to us in the best possible way how everything in the MCU has changed since the events of Avengers Endgame, and honestly in my opinion, I think it makes a lot of sense. The episode continues until we see how Loki manages to sneak away and see what life had in store for him if he had not escaped, such as the death of his mother, as well as that of his father, his reconciliation with Thor and finally his death. It was too sentimental to see Loki's expressions when seeing how his destiny was not to be king but to be brutally murdered by Thanos. The ending reveals Agent Mobius asking Loki for help stopping another variant that turns out to be himself, as well as the existence of a mysterious character doing some strange things. I suppose that in the next episode we will have more clue of what this series has in store for us.

Agent Mobius played by Owen Wilson

Agent Mobius played by Owen Wilson

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This series promises too much, and the beginning has been spectacular, I can presume that this will be the Marvel Studios and Disney Plus project that will blow our minds. We will have to see the next episodes to determine a slightly more general opinion, but for the moment I can say that it looks excellent.

Final Grade to the Episode: 9.5

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