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Movie Review: 'Mars Needs Moms'

Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of two, and published sci-fi and horror author.


In the movie Mars Needs Moms, Milo discovers that he needs his Mom when he needs to save her from the Martians.

"Mars Needs Moms" is a Disney movie that actually promotes the value of families without teaching children that parents are impediments to adventure. That the parents aren't made out to be caring klutzes or clueless idiots is a plus.

This movie has a classic mix of humor for kids and jokes for the parents, designed to be watchable time and time again, with good messages and a fun time for all.

As a sci fi author, I thought this would be a good movie to introduce my elementary school aged children to science fiction.

As a sci fi author, I thought this would be a good movie to introduce my elementary school aged children to science fiction.

Highlights of the Movie "Mars Needs Moms"

  • The film is funny, accessible, interesting and suitable for older elementary aged children.
  • "Mars Needs Moms" demonstrates that both mothers and fathers are essential for a healthy society, and does so in a non-preachy way.
  • The detail in this movie is spectacular. It is a fine example of world-building without being overly complicated or detracting from the movie itself.
  • What happens when Martian females decide to live without males and end up doing all the work? We see that society up until the very end (when everyone literally comes back together).
  • We see what happens in a world that decides it doesn't need males. The boys are literally thrown away. This is a strong indictment of the radical feminist view that the world, any world, is better if we get rid of the other half of the species.
  • Because Gribble was kidnapped 25 years prior, there are plenty of 1980s references and historical jokes for the parents while the kids enjoy light slapstick humor throughout the movie.

The Drawbacks of "Mars Needs Moms"

This movie contains a particularly scary scene that makes it too scary for the children who would otherwise love it the most.

** SPOILER ALERT ** The scene in question is when Gribble's mother dies. This scene left my five and seven year olds screaming and crying. While it isn't shown in a gory way, the fact that you see Gribble as a kid trying to save his mother and then grieving afterward makes it clear to children what happened even if they did not understand otherwise that she was dead. * SPOILER END

If that scene had been omitted, the whole film would be golden and imminently more watchable. If young children see this scene, they will have nightmares. I do not recommend this movie for children under seven - the prospect of losing Mom is too terrifying to them, especially when it is made clear Gribble's mother did die.

Martian dads get involved in raising Martian babies and we see Martian families coming together. The film's pro-family message would have been stronger if had shown the human father more involved as well. You really only see him at the end of the movie for a quick shot of a reunified human family.