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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Marry Me (2022)

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It's a chick-flick right? Yes. But that should not deter you from seeing this date-night disguised flick that became the most "day and date" title to ever be streamed to Peacock.

While Owen Wilson delivered exactly what you might expect from a seasoned actor, and Jennifer Lopez showed off her not-so-surprising S tier vocals, the actor who really stole the show in this film to me was John Bradley. He gave this role his heart. All of the emotion and realism he put into his character shines beautifully through.

You could predict every single thing about this film before it happens (which you will) and still have a wonderful time. The soundtrack is spectacular, the story is just as cheesy as you want it to be, and the film never forgets exactly what genre it is intending to be.

However, it is worth noting that it shows a great deal of realism into the lives of a celebrity, and reminds us that they too are only human. That they believe in magic, miracles and love just the same as the rest of us.


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