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Mariya Nagao Former Member of Pop Music Girl Group Akb48

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Mariya Nagao

The theme of this photo session was "Mellow Tone." This photo is from UTB Magazine in 2012.

The theme of this photo session was "Mellow Tone." This photo is from UTB Magazine in 2012.


Who Is Mariya Nagao?

Mariya Nagao is a Japanese pop music singer and former member of the famous group AKB48. She was a member of their Team K. She originally was a member of the training group known as the Kenkyuusei in September 2009. She would then be transferred to Team 4 in June 2011 before finally being transferred to Team K following a big team shuffle in August 2012. The team shuffles are events in which certain members get moved into different teams. She has seen Yuko Oshima be the captain of Team K until her graduation from AKB48. Mariya Nagao was born on March 10, 1994 in the city of Kanagawa.

A Brief Summary of the Singles That Mariya Nagao Has Been a Member of

Mariya’s debut single with AKB48 was Ponytail to Shushu. Other singles that she has participated in are GIVE ME FIVE, Manatsu no Sounds Good, Gingham Check, UZA, Eien Pressure, So Long!, Koi suru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki, Mae shika Mukanee, and Labrador Retriever.

Mariya Nagao Her Photo Book "Utsukushii Saibou"

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Interesting Facts About Mariya Nagao

  • Mariya’s hobbies include cleaning, shopping, gymnastics and strangely enough she likes to search for aliens.
  • Mariya enjoys eating green soybeans and meat.
  • She does not enjoy tea however.
  • Her favorite animals are dogs and aliens. It is said that she has the ability to sometimes communicate with aliens.
  • Her favorite colors are white and black.
  • Her favorite movie is Transformers.
  • She tends to be selfish and self-willed and she lists these as her weak points.
  • Her good points are that she is tenacious, she takes things at her own pace, and she is thoughtful.
  • She really likes fried foods and she also likes to eat a lot.
  • When she was in junior high school, she played tennis.
  • Mariya does sit ups and push-ups before she goes to bed.
  • She was the sub-leader of the Drama Club, a club formed by AKB48 with the purpose of training these girls how to act and perform in front of other people that are skilled as well. The leader of this Drama Club is Mariko Nakamura. This club also features Yuki Kashiwagi as a member.

Mariya Nagao Releases a Photo Book & Then Graduates From AKB48

It has been revealed that Nagao will graduate from AKB48 on March 19, 2016 following a performance at the AKB48 Theater. She also released her first photo book on March 10, 2016, also her 22nd birthday. It is called Utsukushii Saibou. The photos were taken in Bali, Indonesia. Nagao revealed that this is just the beginning for her. She does not want her fans to be upset but she wants them to continue to support her. Good luck Mariya and your fans love you! Nagao graduated from AKB48 in March 2016.

What Else Has Mariya Nagao Done In Her Career That is Interesting?

What else has Mariya Nagao done in her career besides having been a part of AKB48? I’m sure that this is the part that some of you have been waiting to read and here it is! It was reported in November 2014 that Nagao had taken what is called a two-shot and then she uploaded the photos on to Twitter. Nagao had made an appearance on the drama called First Class that October and she had played the role of a receptionist. Are we going to see a star actress in the making? Nagao was thrilled to be able to take a photo with Erika Sawajiri. Nagao ended up taking a photo of herself and Erika Sawajiri.

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